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The long-anticipated deadlines for Canadian eManifest for forwarders have been announced, creating urgency to make the transition. Beginning November 7, 2016, the initial eManifest requirements for freight forwarders are scheduled to begin.

As part of the program, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has launched a new initiative to enhance the reporting mechanism and communications between shipment parties. Carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers and warehouse operators will be able to view shipment milestones for a particular movement if they are a party on the manifest. The CBSA eManifest Notices include the below and feature a mechanism of two-way communication that will eventually replace the Release Notification System (RNS) platform:

  • Completeness Notices - Made available by the CBSA in 2014 and include a notification of the completion of advance data on a shipment
  • Disposition Notices – Constitute arrival and status messages, are currently being tested and launched
  • Deconsolidation Notices - Authorize the transfer of cargo control for consolidated shipments

Of the above, Deconsolidation Notices are of particular importance to shipment parties since they serve to trigger the warehouse operator to allow the freight forwarder to assume control of the goods.

Under the eManifest Notice platform, importers and customs brokers will also be able to receive an electronic House Waybill (eHWB) if they are listed as a Secondary Notify Party (SNP). The CBSA will trigger what is known as a Manifest Forward message to the SNP if they are listed on the eHWB. This provides an opportunity for the importer/customs broker to begin the declaration based on the Manifest Forward message received from the CBSA.

Beyond the Canadian eManifest Portal

The CBSA eManifest Portal is one of three options available to forwarders to transmit eManifest data to the CBSA for all modes of transport. It is recommended that forwarders obtain a CBSA eManifest portal login. Many forwarders, however, are seeking more robust methods to aggregate, display, share and move information with supply chain partners and, eventually, with government agencies.

Market leaders are implementing automated means of information consolidation and data repurposing to collect and transmit data electronically. Nearly all businesses require technology that can grow with them as they expand into new regions that require new security filing data.

The web-based Descartes Canadian Forwarder eManifest™ solution can provide seamless connectivity to the CBSA and enable end-to-end compliance. Our advanced eManifest service places you at the center of information management. Businesses can not only access data online, but can also share information with partners and customers. The end result is enhanced visibility and added connectivity which can contribute to improved operational productivity.

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With the initial mandatory date on the horizon, many forwarders have a number of pressing questions and shipment scenarios that must be addressed, including how D-Notices incorporate two-way communication between businesses and the CBSA. Register to download an interactive document that includes basic-to-advanced topics including:

  • Best practices for freight forwarders on the CBSA eManifest program
  • A self-assessment worksheet to determine readiness
  • Methods to evaluate warehouse operators
  • How to address shipment scenarios such as back-to-back shipments, unsolicited freight, co-loading and others
  • The Advance Trade Document (ATD) and beyond for importers and customs brokers
  • The New Integrated Import Declaration (IID) and the Single Window Initiative (SWI)
  • Integrating technology and better connectivity

Register to view the complimentary interactive document, discover more about Descartes Canadian Forwarder eManifest solution, or visit our comprehensive ACI eManifest Resource Center.

Written by Glenn Palanacki

Former Product Manager, North American Customs at Descartes.