JVCKENWOOD Chooses Descartes for EDI Outsourcing

JVCKENWOOD Corporation, a leading global supplier of car, home, mobile and entertainment electronics, has enhanced its customer service and reduced its costs by using Descartes' cloud-based Messaging Gateway & Archiving service. The company recently upgraded their ERP system, which also required a reconfiguration of all messaging connections. Rather than take this on as a time consuming in-house responsibility, JVCKENWOOD decided to outsource to a specialized provider for global EDI connectivity. They chose Descartes.

Why Descartes?

Jeroen Buis a member of the Application Management Team at JVCKENWOOD, provided insight as to why Descartes was chosen for EDI outsourcing: "Descartes was the right choice because of its ability to meet our complex requirements with proven solutions that saved us time and significantly reduced our costs.”

Hans Bos, also of the Application Management Team at JVCKENWOOD, added: “Another key benefit is that we're now more flexible and responsive to connection requests and changes from our customers and trading partners.”

A cloud-based messaging solution for global EDI connectivity

Descartes' cloud-based Messaging & Archiving Services help customers quickly connect and collaborate by leveraging existing connections on the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ with thousands of trading partners, including retailers, manufacturers, ports, logistics service providers, carriers, and government regulatory agencies across the globe. Descartes also offers complementary applications that provide value-added functionality such as webforms, data synchronization and archiving to extend customers' ability to improve and better manage data capture, validation, transformation and delivery, according to regional and/or global operational requirements.

For leading companies, like JVCKENWOOD, communicating electronically with customers not only contributes to more streamlined operations by reducing manual processes and inaccuracies, but it also helps them to be more agile. Outsourcing this process makes it possible to communicate with large and small companies alike in the way customers prefer. Descartes is pleased to support JVCKENWOOD in reducing complexity and we look forward to continuing to help them grow and better collaborate with their customers and trading partners.

Written by Fred van der Heide

Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes