Descartes’ GLN provides connectivity to air carriers, freight forwarders and supply chain partners around the globe to help them meet IATA’s electronic airway bill (eAWB) initiative

CDM Software Solutions recently announced that it is using Descartes’ Global Logistics Network (GLN) to provide its customers comprehensive air cargo connectivity and messaging services. As a provider of cloud-based operations and asset tracking software for freight forwarders, export packers, exporters and other logistics services providers, CDM Software Solutions’ Global Compliance Module provides a comprehensive, cloud-based certified software solution for shipments departing and arriving to the United States, European Union, Canada, Japan, Singapore and China.

Why Descartes?

Darrell Ortiz, CEO and founder of CDM, explains what he was looking for in an air cargo messaging solution and why he chose Descartes: “Descartes’ GLN provides our users with connectivity to air carriers around the globe to help them meet IATA’s electronic airway bill (eAWB) initiative,” said Ortiz.

Developed in collaboration with stakeholders across the air cargo industry, the eAWB aims to eliminate the majority of paper-based airway bills.

“The ability to electronically exchange airway bills, house bills and status messages enables our customers to further automate and streamline processes, meet expanding carrier electronic communications requirements, increase visibility and improve performance,” Ortiz added. “Customers benefit from simple and fast activation on Descartes’ GLN from CDM Software Solutions’ e-Commerce friendly software platform.”

CDM Software Colutions, Inc

Multimodal, Inter-Enterprise Electronic Data Exchange

Descartes’ GLN is an industry leading solution for multimodal, inter-enterprise electronic data exchange. CDM is able to seamlessly connect its customers to the GLN and offer them value-added services to:

  • standardize and automate air cargo and freight management operations;
  • provide real-time shipment status monitoring;
  • improve service by transmitting accurate and timely tracking updates to customers;
  • meet global trade requirements;
  • reduce transportation costs by minimizing carrier charges for security and documentation services; and
  • participate in key air cargo industry initiatives, including eFreight and Cargo2000.

Today, the electronic movement of data between logistics parties can be as important as the physical movement of cargo itself. Using air cargo connectivity solutions, such as the Descartes GLN, enables more reliable planning and delivery of air cargo for technology providers, like CDM software Solutions.

The entire process starts with the freight forwarder collecting the shipment information from their customers and opening a record in the platform including all of the party details and shipments information.

Air Freight shipment data entry – party details

From there the forwarder needs to select the air carrier, cartage agents and routing for the shipment.  This information is then added to the shipment file and the execution of the movement of goods begins.  Once this data has been captured successfully it can be sent to the air carrier electronically thru the transmission of the electronic airway bill. 

Air Freight shipment details data entry – airline and routing details

This is where Descartes’ GLN manages the communications, format and structure of the messages to ensure the delivery of the data to the carriers.  The transmission of this data electronically promotes faster communications and more accurate data to the carriers.

Air Freight eAWB function – simple single click data transmission to airline

The submission of the eAWB to the air carriers is a great benefit to the forwarders and the airlines alike, but once this has been completed, the forwarders will also receive unsolicited updates from the carriers on the status of their shipments, giving better visibility into the movement of the goods as well as improved supply chain visibility to the ultimate shippers and consignees of the goods.

Descartes has been the industry leader in automating the air supply chain for over 20 years and we look forward to continuing to add efficiencies to the supply chain with partners like CDM Software in the future.

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Written by Scott Sangster

Vice President, Global Logistics Network at Descartes