With workforce shortages in supply chain and supporting roles, retailers are faced with important challenges when experienced employees quit their job or go on sick leave for a long period. Trends such as the ‘Great Resignation’ are causing a new level of pressure within retail companies, as new employees who focus on order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes are hard to find. Suddenly, keeping the ordering process going is at risk. Who will take over? What level of experience is available in-house or insourced? How long before we find a replacement? How soon can a replacement be up and running? Who is training the new hire? How can we make a manual - and therefore error-prone and potentially demotivating - job more appealing? And how to cope with the high hiring cost?

Don’t wait for major staffing issues to hit your organization. This is the right time to consider automating the administration of supply chain processes. After all, Adopting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) delivers one particular huge advantage: EDI doesn’t quit!

Going digital with EDI offers you a more future-proof solution than hiring new staff or replacing those that quit. Besides avoiding a difficult and lengthy hiring process, EDI also reduces the cost of manual errors and rework, increases productivity and efficiency, and heightens customer satisfaction as ”first time right” is becoming the standard expectation. Clearly, a lot of good reasons to take the leap to digitization today.

So, think outside the box: don’t hire, automate!

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