Having recently returned from a Descartes hosted-session in Toronto on the eManifest initiative, I can confirm that the trade is keenly interested in the third-phase of Canada’s ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) program.  The Q&A at the end of the event centered not only on the ‘Big Picture’ questions on the global regulatory landscape, but also focused on the practical: How will this affect me? When will this affect me and what impact will this have on my business?

As if to mirror the questions from Descartes hosted-session, this weekend also marked a major practical milestone in the deployment of eManifest. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as they flipped the switch on June 9th to allow freight forwarders to transmit electronic consolidated HBL information to the agency.  The CBSA strongly encourages forwarders move to adopt eManifest requirements now before future penalties come into effect.

The long-anticipated regulation is part of a multi-phased approach to both speed the movement of goods and enhance security. What this means for you is expedited border-crossings, digitization and improved efficiencies— effectively freeing drivers and rail operators from the burdens of a paper-based regulation.

When fully implemented, eManifest will require filers to submit advance commercial information electronically to the CBSA. eManifest is a mode-specific regulation. This means that the deadline for filing varies for air, ocean, highway and rail shipments.

With your feedback, comments and questions, we have compiled fundamental facts about the regulation into a comprehensive ACI eManifest Resource Center. We encourage you to review the latest requirements, implementation timeline and more in a straightforward and easy-to-read format.  The Resource Center also includes a downloadable FAQ document, recorded presentations and a matrix of information that clearly shows you the mode-specific filing deadlines, how the regulation will impact your operations, and how Descartes can help you comply.

Please also ask us questions in the comment section at the bottom of the page or email us at info@descartes.com.

Written by George Manolis

Vice President Product Management Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems at Descartes