This research unveils the secrets of retailers who run profitable home delivery services

Retailers have spent decades learning how to optimize the in-store experience. With the increase of consumers making purchasing decisions based on more than just product and price, retailers will have to optimize the at-home experience to include service and delivery as a major component of their customers’ ordering process. Same-day and home delivery services are driving retailers to better understand how their customers shop, considering each moment in the ordering process a critical component—not just at the point-of-sale.

The latest white paper by ChainLink Research, “Home Delivery for Retailers—More Sales, Less Cost,” discusses the secrets of retailers who run profitable home delivery services. A few critical elements make the difference; specifically, the use of Continuous Optimization techniques from the moment the customer is considering a product choice through to successful completion of service.  Click here to download the white paper.

This research builds on a previous white paper on home delivery services and the components to make it work: “Winning at Home Delivery.”