The European Union (EU) has made significant strides in streamlining customs processes.  In its drive to increase efficiencies, it has established a number of regulations and mandates that relate to security and customs declaration. These new regulations promise to change the future of inbound and outbound shipment activities, from information sharing and filing processes, to warehousing and distribution and will rely on accurate, efficient and open communications between partners. When looking to a logistics solution to streamline these and other export processes, look for one that offers end-to-end ability to share information with multiple trading customs partners around the world and achieves the following when considering bonded movement: 

  • Supports a warehouse framework by enabling:
    • Goods in bond to be brought in;
    • General customs declarations to be filed for unbonded inventory;
    • Bonded warehouse entry filings for items kept in bond;
    • NCTS filings for items moving out of the warehouse in bond;
    • Filing of export declarations if re-exported; and,
    • Filing of EMCS for excise controlled commodities as part of a unified filing process including all necessary documentation and audit requirements.
  • Files consumption entries in multiple destined EU countries-  for good importer for general inventory and use.
  • Enables global visibility – Users gain real-time global visibility into the customs status of cargo, and can leverage a network of customs trading partners to distribute customs messages and status information regardless of their location. 

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