Jumbo Supermarkten, a leading grocery retailer in the Netherlands, has expanded its outsourcing relationship with Descartes for its entire order-to-cash messaging process by incorporating Descartes' cloud-based Messaging Gateway. This service will provide Jumbo Supermarkten with reliable supplier connectivity and secure communications exchange that can drive operational cost savings.

Benefits to Jumbo Supermarkten

We asked Enrico de Jong, EDI consultant at Jumbo Supermarkten, what benefits he expects to see from the adoption of this new technology and how these benefits will trickle down to Jumbo’s customers. "Jumbo Supermarkten is focused on providing exceptional service to our customers,” de Jong said. Descartes is a technology partner that has the same service-oriented attributes and meets our complex messaging requirements and this solution helps us reduce overall costs through the complete outsourcing of our electronic messaging operations."

How does the cloud-based messaging system work?

Descartes' cloud-based Messaging Gateway centrally handles a broad range of communication protocols, and manages mapping and conversion services to all types of back-office systems. Secure message exchange takes place between trading partners based on digital certificates that validate their authenticity, accuracy and integrity. Jumbo Supermarkten benefits from the system’s continuous proactive monitoring which helps ensure high system availability and reliable performance. Jumbo Supermarkten also uses Descartes' GS1 Data Alignment Service (DAS) to streamline the exchange and synchronization of product data.

Written by Fred van der Heide

Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes