Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Sailrite is a “sew-it-yourself” omnichannel retailer with over 6,000 products to support sewing needs in a wide variety of diverse niches, from sail-making and canvas work for boats to home décor and upholstery to outdoor living. Learn how Sailrite grew by over 250% by replacing inefficient and error-prone paper-based warehouse practices with Descartes OzLink Mobile. Integrated with NetSuite, the Descartes solution automated order fulfillment for Sailrite’s complicated group of products, allowing the company to pick the same volume of orders with half as many people. Greater speed and accuracy in order fulfillment has also translated into a better customer experience, even when Sailrite is shipping 800+ packages per day during its peak periods.  

This video provides insights from the following Sailrite participants: 

  • Matt Grant, Vice President, Sailrite
  • Brian Jansing, General Manager, Sailrite
  • Vikki DeBaille, Warehouse Manager, Sailrite

Descartes OzLink™ Mobile is an advanced integration solution that automates order fulfillment processes across diverse sales channels by streamlining and connecting ecommerce, shipping and warehouse processes with core enterprise applications, such as NetSuite. By minimizing the information gap between NetSuite and other applications with seamless, real-time information sharing, businesses are better able to maximize order fulfillment efficiency, reduce errors and improve customer service.