Simple Solutions to Denied Party Screening

In recent years, the geopolitical and security landscape has become ever more complex, with governments around the world using sanctions as a common way to safeguard their national security interests. New sanctions are accompanied by a high risk of penalties and fines for non-compliant companies. With thousands of updates to sanctions lists every month, navigating the complex world of regulations is a significant challenge for any business. However, a robust and efficient Denied Party Screening (DPS) process can ease the risk without increasing burden on your organization.

Descartes MK Denied Party Screening (MK DPS) provides up to date sanction party lists, with an experienced and quality driven team of analysts focused on delivering accurate data on-time. With sanctions covering over 180 countries, Descartes MK DPS provides content suitable for global and domestic companies across diverse industries.

Our content is accessible in a wide variety of solutions to meet customer needs of any size and any system. From major systems such as SAP GTS, Oracle GTM, Salesforce and Netsuite to simply submitting a spreadsheet of business partners for screening, Descartes MK DPS has solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Click the tiles below to learn more or reach out to one of our experts!

Best-in-Class Denied Party Screening Tools

Sanctioned Party List Content
We provide our Sanctioned Party List data in multiple file formats to support SAP GTS & Oracle GTM users, as well as those that work with homegrown solutions. Solutions
Straightforward screening solutions, including quick and easy ad-hoc search tools and effective options for larger volume or continuous screening.
MK Integrated Screening
MK offers a suite of integrated solutions that provide seamless, automated screening for Salesforce, NetSuite, or any ERP system that can leverage API and web service connections.

Check out our Features and Benefits page for more detail about how Descartes MK Denial can help organizations of all sizes and across industries.

Our List Offering spans a multitude of countries and can be applied to any of our solutions. For more information regarding our list packages and what they include, please check out our catalogue.

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Denied Party Screening
Buyer's Guide

Find the right denied party screening software solution with this guide. Learn how to identify, evaluate, and select best-in-class vendors. ​

Voices of Trust From Descartes Denied Party Screening Users

Dive into real experiences from users of our denied party screening software with testimonial ebook. Learn why our solution is rated #1.

Explore real user experiences of our denied party screening software with this testimonial ebook

Compliance Data

Compliance Data Improve Screening Efficiency and Effectiveness through ERP Systems including SAP, for which Descartes MK is an official provider of Sanctioned Party Screening Content


Best Practices for Denied Party Screening

This eBook explores some best practices to keep in mind as organizations screen for denied parties


Denied Party Screening

Find out how Descartes MK Denial reduces the risk of transacting with a denied party worldwide

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