Improved Fulfillment Performance Using Descartes'WMS-NetSuite Connectivity and Mobile Barcode Scanning

After experiencing substantial growth in both the retail and wholesale sectors, turned to NetSuite and Descartes Ozlink™ to support its growth. The challenges of rising order volume and expanding product offerings were met with fulfillment and warehouse optimization through the use of technology.  

By implementing Descartes OzLink for NetSuite, cut costs and added efficiency by integrating the warehouse order process with enterprise technology and adding mobile barcode scanning. 

Challenge: Complex Shipping and Logistics Requirements needed to balance the demands of a high-growth trajectory while serving global markets. Given the numerous nutritional supplements in its product line, many of the products appeared similar on the warehouse shelf. With an expanding SKU list, growing order volumes and additional warehouse staff, order fulfillment needed to be optimized. 

Primary challenges included: 

  • Similar looking products with different attributes led to errors and inefficiencies 
  • Selling across multiple distribution channels made managing inventory difficult and resulted in too many back orders and stock-outs 
  • Strict adherence to First In-First Out (FIFO) principles and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance called for the highest level of process standards 
  • On-boarding new and temporary warehouse staff was time-consuming

"NetSuite and Descartes OzLink provide an extremely flexible solution to support our growth"

-- Albert Tietjen, Director of Ecommerce,


Solution: A Fully Integrated Order Fulfillment Process embarked on an ambitious overhaul of core systems. The company selected NetSuite as its primary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and implemented Descartes OzLink for NetSuite for a fully integrated order management process. 

Descartes OzLink extends NetSuite by integrating Magento and ChannelAdvisor, providing mobile barcode scanning with advanced carrier connectivity. 

Benefits include: 

  • Order details flow automatically from Magento, ChannelAdvisor, and multiple web storefronts into NetSuite without manual processes 
  • Warehouse processes such as receiving, picking, put-away, and shipping provide real-time updates to NetSuite 
  • Barcode scanning enhanced order accuracy and improved warehouse productivity 
  • Operational performance was increased 42% while handling an increased number of orders 
  • Back orders were lowered with more accurate inventory visibility 
  • Barcode scanning was implemented which allowed to reduce costs 

The Results 

  1. Increased Fulfillment Accuracy - Order details flow automatically from multiple web storefronts into NetSuite enabled by a centralized order fulfilment hub. By integrating NetSuite into their ecommerce applications, improved operational performance by 42%. 
  1. Optimized Picking Processes - Descartes Ozlink streamlined warehouse and inventory operations. Barcode scanning increased order accuracy and improved overall warehouse productivity, allowing to save over $37,500 annually. 
  1. Added Customer Visibility - Integrating NetSuite into ecommerce applications allowed to get real-time updates for shipments and pass that information along to their customers. 
  1. Improved Inventory Control - Warehouse processes such as receiving, picking, put-away and shipping provide real-time updates to NetSuite and update on multiple ecommerce platforms. This added functionality lowered back orders with more accurate inventory visibility. 

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