Descartes' Risk Mitigation Solutions Assist PC Components Europe (PCE) In Their Search For Global Compliance

PC Components Europe (PCE), a prominent distributor of active and passive electronic components, recognizes the critical importance of ensuring that the technological components they distribute remain out of the wrong hands. To fortify their supply chain against potential risks, PCE has implemented a robust strategy that leverages cutting-edge technology and compliance frameworks, with Descartes serving as the key solution provider.

"At PCE, we prioritize global security, leveraging Descartes for advanced VC screening and Dow Jones compliance. Our integrated approach ensures supply chain integrity and adherence to international standards, fostering trust and efficiency in global trade.”

Annie Maples, CEO, PCE

Challenge: A comprehensive solution to screen suppliers and customers

As global trade grows increasingly intricate, the risk of sensitive technologies ending up in unauthorized hands escalates. Recognizing this, PCE sought a comprehensive solution to meticulously vet suppliers and customers worldwide. With the rapid pace of technological advancement and the interconnectedness of markets, ensuring the integrity of the
supply chain becomes paramount. PCE’s commitment to security necessitates a robust strategy that addresses these challenges head-on, safeguarding against potential threats and mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access or exploitation of sensitive technologies. Thus, a thorough screening process across all touchpoints of the supply chain becomes indispensable

Solution: Vendor and Customer Screening with Dow Jones 50% Framework

Vendor and Customer Screening with VC:
PCE adopted an innovative approach by utilizing advanced Vendor and Customer (VC) screening technology. This stateof-the-art tool enables PCE to thoroughly evaluate and vet suppliers and customers across the globe. By leveraging VC, PCE ensures that only trustworthy partners are involved in the electronic components supply chain, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or malicious intent.

Dow Jones 50% Compliance Framework:
Recognizing the need for adherence to international rules and regulations, PCE integrated the Dow Jones 50% compliance framework into their operations. This strategic partnership allows PCE to transact with clients worldwide while ensuring strict compliance with global standards. The Dow Jones 50% compliance framework serves as a safeguard, providing PCE with the confidence that their business practices align with international regulations, thereby minimizing legal and reputational risks.

In Conclusion, PCE’s proactive approach to securing the electronic components supply chain through the implementation of VC screening and the Dow Jones 50% compliance framework exemplifies a best-in-class strategy for risk mitigation and global compliance. This case study highlights PCE’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive technologies, maintaining the integrity of their supply chain, and fostering a secure environment for clients and partners in the everevolving landscape of electronic component distribution.

The Results

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration of the Dow Jones 50% compliance framework empowers PCE to deftly navigate global trade complexities. By upholding international regulations, PCE ensures transaction legality, fostering unparalleled trust among clients worldwide. This achievement solidifies PCE’s reputation for ethical business practices, affirming their unwavering commitment to responsible conduct. Through this compliance framework, PCE attains heightened integrity, strengthens client relationships, and achieves unparalleled success in the global market.


The implementation of Descartes compliance solutions has greatly enhanced PC Europe’s
adherence to regulations, resulting in time-saving optimizations, improved consistency, and heightened operational effectiveness. Leveraging these advanced solutions, PC Europe ensures regulatory compliance while streamlining operations, fostering increased productivity and efficiency across the organization. This strategic integration underscores
PC Europe’s commitment to excellence in compliance management, driving success in today’s complex business landscape.

About PCE

PC Components Europe is an independent distributor of active, passive and electromechanical electronic components. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, they work closely with customers to offer tailor-made solutions that best meet their needs.

Success Story

PC Components Europe


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