Using Descartes Global Price Management™ to Deliver Accurate On-Demand Customer Rates

Ship4wd, Inc. is an international freight forwarder with a mission to provide digital solutions that enable small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to obtain accurate rates to better manage imports and exports. As a leader in accelerating the digitization trend within the shipping industry, Ship4wd is using Descartes Global Price Management™ (Descartes GPM™) to provide customers with time savings and a quicker turnaround of guaranteed price quotes and comparisons.

“Moving freight is a complex endeavor with varied compliance regulations and multiple stakeholders including ocean carriers, airlines, container freight stations, and more,” said Dori Sobe, Head of Operations and Customer Service from Ship4wd. “Providing accurate on-demand customer rates can be challenging across multiple parties and systems of record. In this environment, SMBs that are our market niche still want to move freight easily and quickly while receiving accurate quotes and the world-class customer service they expect.”

Benefiting from Descartes Freight Forwarding Technology

“Regarding implementation, following signing, we onboarded and delved deep into the system under Descartes’ guidance to derive maximum value from the technology. The Descartes staff has also been a solid asset for us in linking data to our back-office system. The customer service we received from Descartes was priceless to help us connect systems and deploy the customer-facing quote platform. We know we made the right decision in selecting Descartes.”

Dori Sobe, Head of Operations and Customer Service, Ship4wd

“We knew that we needed to adopt and deploy systems that can help us digitally disrupt the SMB marketplace. As one part of this, we were looking for an intelligent rate engine that could enable us to support different products from less than a container load (LCL), to full container load (FCL), to air and domestic shipments."

"After evaluating multiple solution providers, we selected Descartes Global Price Management as the most reliable and forward-thinking solution provider. The Descartes system is in line with our mission to offer a digital-first solution for our SMB customer base. With the technology in place, our customers can receive an accurate quote and detailed information on their shipments.”

The Results

Enhanced Customer Service

Ship4wd customers can now receive an accurate quote on-demand

Increased Connectivity

Descartes GPM seamlessly streams data into back-office systems

Decreased Labor

With customers using the online portal, labor is freed from manual and labor-intensive quoting

Increased Digital Presence

With easy customer rating, Ship4wd has digitized processes

About Ship4wd, Inc.

Ship4wd is a best-in-class digital-first freight solution that gives small businesses the personal freedom, ease, and control to better manage their imports and exports. With full end-to-end visibility and built-in flexibility, Ship4wd is helping businesses to progress and thrive.

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