Branding Standards 

An Overview of the Descartes Visual Identity

About the Descartes Brand

The Descartes brand is fundamental to our identity as the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce. This online branding page provides a high-level overview of our brand assets, offers guidance on color usage and logo options as well as our brand guide.

Descartes Brand Guidelines

Our Logo

Our logo is one of our most valuable brand assets. It should remain consistent across our communication channels.
We have four (4) versions of our company logo available: Descartes Color, Descartes White with Blue Triad, Descartes Solid White and Descartes Solid Gray. The Descartes Color logo should be used in the vast majority of circumstances unless the logo is placed on a dark background where the Descartes White with Blue Triad should be applied.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Since the Descartes logo is a visual representation of our company, it is important that the formatting remains consistent and within our brand guidelines. The following examples include common misuses of the Descartes logo:

Do not distort or reshape the Descartes logo
Do not change the color of the Descartes logo
Do not add graphic elements close to the Descartes logo
Do not add effects to the Descartes logo

Our Primary Colors

The primary colors of our brand identity include Descartes Dark Blue, Descartes Light Blue, Descartes
Dark Gray, and Descartes Classic Blue. Descartes Dark Blue and Light Blue should be applied as the dominant colors.

Descartes Systems Group Dark Blue

Descartes Systems Group Light Blue

Descartes Systems Group Dark Gray

Descartes Systems Group Classic Blue

Our Secondary Colors

In addition to primary palette, the following secondary and accent colors are a supplemental part of the Descartes brand. They are: Descartes Medium Blue, Descartes Light Green, Descartes Light Orange, and Descartes Light Gray. These accent colors are sparingly throughout Descartes visuals.

Descartes Systems Group Medium Blue

Descartes Systems Group Light Green

Descartes Systems Group Light Orange

Descartes Systems Group Light Gray

Our Commitment Toward Branding Excellence

The Descartes team is dedicated to branding excellence in the media, with our valued partners as well as in visual and written materials worldwide. Should you have any questions, our team is here to help guide you toward delivering high caliber materials within the Descartes standards.