Descartes Carrier Portal™ Software for Freight Payment Agencies

Participants in today’s global supply chain are working hard to bring costs under control and drive operational efficiencies by standardizing and automating the end-to-end shipment process through the use of technology. Shippers and their Freight Payment Agencies (FPA), in particular, are also looking to reduce or eliminate paper-based processes by using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for electronic messaging. With EDI, they can streamline the shipment process and communicate more effectively with carriers. This approach not only lowers operational costs, it also reduces the amount of time spent on reentry of information.

Benefits for Freight Payment Agencies

Descartes Carrier Portal™ is a cost-effective and efficient solution that is designed to help shippers and Freight Payment Agencies (FPAs) realize all the benefits of EDI capabilities without the complexity of in-house solutions. Descartes Carrier Portal combines EDI capabilities with portal technology to address a number of key areas for carriers, brokers and agencies:

End-To-End Management

Without automation, carriers cannot send documents in the required format and may be at risk of losing future business with their shipper customers. Even if email is used for sending forms, increasingly aggressive spam filtering means that important messages are often not getting through. Referring to multiple web sites to view proof of delivery (PoD) images is also time-consuming. The key to overcoming these challenges is a one-stop online resource that facilitates the end-to-end shipment management process.

Consolidated Document Exchange

The need for consistency and accuracy in document exchange is paramount. EDI allows companies to consolidate document exchange while reducing overall costs, improving workflow processes and accuracy, and increasing productivity. Information can easily be accessed and updated through portal services to gain greater insight into the movement of goods and improve management processes.

Meet Accounting Standards 

For shippers to meet accounting standards and practices, their carriers need to use EDI to confirm tenders, provide status updates and send freight invoices. A single information source provides carriers with a full view of the life of shipments – from point-of-origin through to their destination, and every stage in between. Technology enables users to match and cross reference and present shipments via the portal or via FTP or other transmission directly to FPA.

Track Shipping and Payment in Real-Time

Outsourcing EDI and associated portal services enables shippers and partners to reduce capital costs, communicate with a community of global resources, access and present information in one location, and track shipping and payment information in real-time. With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-demand model, organizations only pay for the functionality needed without the costs of managing in-house systems.