Descartes Viatrade™ for Carriers Enables Cross-Border Trade and Automates Customs Security Filing

American and Canadian carriers are constantly seeking ways to automate processes to reduce the cost of operations, streamline document management and, most importantly, keep cross-border freight moving. The need for improved speed and accuracy has become increasingly critical as the number of shipments continues to grow and reporting requirements increase in complexity.

Descartes Viatrade™ for Carriers streamlines business processes and interaction between carriers, customs brokers and government agencies. This collaborative solution automates customs security filings for CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), and streamlines delivery management. It helps organizations make more effective use of internal resources, improves document accuracy for delivery to the appropriate authorities, and manages the final release of goods by customs.

Descartes Viatrade™ for Carriers offers an easy-to-access portal to connect customs brokers with carriers to enable complete lifecycle management for shipments on both sides of the border. As a Web-based, on-demand offering, Viatrade enables organizations to leverage advanced automation features without the need to invest in the capital costs associated with in-house systems, integration, licensing and upgrades.

Descartes Viatrade for Carriers  is a collaboration service that streamlines business processes and interaction between carriers, customs brokers and government agencies. It manages the following processes:

  • Security Manifest Filing (ACE, ACI Highway)
  • CSA Filings (Northbound only)
  • RNS Notification
  • Image and Document Management
  • Automated Broker Selection (Northbound)
  • Broker Delivery and Acceptance/Rejection
  • Building and Managing Trips and Shipments
  • Drivers Documentation
  • In-bond Filings

With Descartes Viatrade for Carriers, businesses can:

  • Simplify operations management through a centralized summary view of all cross-border freight
  • Increase consistency by using a single shipment folder all shipment and trip filings
  • Implement changes to compliancy programs with no or minimal changes
  • Reduce/eliminate data-entry through carrier back office integration, which reduces costs, errors and lead times
  • Lower operational costs through enhanced tracking, improved visualization of workflow and real-time access to shipping information
  • Reduce integration and upgrade costs for ACI Highway readiness
  • Improve system stability, robustness and reliability at less cost