Powerful End-to-End Software for Global Trade Content

Descartes CustomsInfo solutions include the following comprehensive service offerings to better manage trade content: Descartes CustomsInfo™ Reference – Thousands of customers use Descartes CustomsInfo Reference online subscription service to better demonstrate reasonable care and support classification determinations. With a sizable database of over 6-million reference documents, including cross-referenced and searchable duty rates, Customs rulings, regulations, World Customs Organization (WCO) Explanatory Notes, WCO Opinions, Commodity Export Codes, Other Government Agency (OGA) information, Customs Directives, an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) locators and more, Descartes CustomsInfo Reference can help you make better classification decisions. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Manager Classic – Discover a better way to work with a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage compliance down to the SKU, part, or item level.  Descartes CustomsInfo Manager was designed with the compliance professional in mind. This classification workbench includes role-based permissions and workflow processes to help establish enterprise-wide controls in multiple jurisdictions for a full organizational reach.  Our advanced software for global trade content can help businesses increase efficiency related to customs classification, item-level compliance, global trade data, and document management which should result in lower costs.

Descartes CustomsInfo Manager Standard – Our rapid-deployment, global trade item master, and item compliance solution offer an intuitive upload function for tariff classification. The web-based offering comes ready with required fields and processes pre-applied for quick on-boarding. With an intuitive import data wizard and template-driven upload functionality, Descartes CustomsInfo Manager Standard can help companies better classify goods and quickly reduce duty spend in a collaborative environment.

Descartes CustomsInfo™ HS Validator – Descartes CustomsInfo™ HS Validator is a stand-alone solution that enables companies to easily upload current products and HS codes. The solution tests the accuracy of existing codes, marks invalid classifications for review and vetting, provides an opportunity to correct or remap codes, and exports the results. The functionality is provided within an intuitive, web-based interface packaged in a rapid-deploy model.

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Audit - Data integrity is fundamental to trade compliance. Descartes CustomsInfo Audit is a sophisticated trade data analysis and verification solution that can reduce the overall time and therefore the cost required to conduct customs–related audits or digital data analysis. The solution can expand the capabilities of the Descartes CustomsInfo Manager or can serve as a stand-alone product. An advanced algorithm electronically links and compares the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), classification and broker-related data of each customs entry/declaration and verifies the accuracy of each submission. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Application Content - Our content powers global trade by streaming data into Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions. In today’s changing global regulatory landscape, leveraging accurate content is more important than ever to avoid fines and improve processes.  From small businesses to multi-national operations, some of the largest e-commerce sites in the world are powered by the Descartes CustomsInfo Application Content solution. Our expert team of Information Technology (IT) professionals can work with you to map existing fields and databases to ensure that information seamlessly powers your systems via the electronic method of your choice. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Classification Services - The meticulous nature of classification is challenging.  From classification services, trade technology consulting, reporting, analysis and more, our team of highly experienced compliance professionals can free you to focus on operational goals. From large project work to smaller niche and specialty classifications, our world class professional services team can help you succeed.