Reducing Risk & Enhancing Sanctions Compliance from within the Salesforce Application

Companies and individuals need to ensure that business is not transacted with denied, restricted and/or sanctioned entities. However, incorporating effective controls into day-to-day operations and within frequently-used platforms, such as Salesforce, can be challenging. With fines that can range into the millions of dollars, compliance is essential to reduce risk and minimize the impact of potential penalties.

With over 25 years of dedicated denied and sanctioned party expertise, Descartes offers an easy-to-use solution fully integrated within the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The Descartes Denied Party Screening™ for Salesforce (Descartes DPS™ for Salesforce) service offering can quickly review accounts, leads and contacts during the standard Salesforce data entry process. By utilizing the familiar Salesforce CRM, companies can easily implement DPS benchmarks throughout global operations with minimal effort, a low total cost of ownership and a rapid time-to-value. 

With Descartes DPS for Salesforce, companies have access to content curated by a world-class team of industry experts. Businesses can choose the service level that best fits businesses needs including a customizable list of screened countries and industry-specific lists within a scalable, volume-based model. Role-based permission options provide a series of checks and balances to help ensure compliance with international and domestic regulations. In addition, the fully integrated solution can provide a comprehensive audit trail preferred by many regulatory agencies. With better controls in place, businesses are better equipped to avoid fines, improve processes and mitigate risk.


With Descartes DPS for Salesforce in place, businesses can:

  • Easily review potential sanctions matches
  • Choose from a comprehensive number of available screening lists including:
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
    • Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
    • U.S. Department of State (DOS)
    • European Union Sanctions (EUS)
    • United Nations Security Council Sanctions (UNS)
    • General Services Administration (GSA)
    • And other government lists
  • Adjust search parameters by excluding common words, weak aliases and more
  • Add audit notes to document cleared screenings or those that require further attention
  • Easily review stage at-a-glance with a color-coded status key
  • Receive notifications of potential matches via email
  • Leverage full support for Salesforce Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions
  • Refine the number of results returned to streamline the review process


Descartes DPS for Salesforce provides a number of potential advantages that include the ability to:

  • Reduce the potential for millions of dollars in fines and penalties
  • Improve productivity by leveraging a single point-of-access
  • Leverage the expertise of trade compliance professionals who monitor the embargo status of over 152 countries and territories
  • Proactively approach issue resolution within a tiered, role-based user structure
  • Build upon the familiar Salesforce interface to jumpstart training
  • Enhance compliance with international trade regulations
  • Globally connect with a web-based software-free  business model

Effective and Comprehensive Denied Party Screening Within Salesforce CRM

This white paper discusses the challenges of sanctions screening within Salesforce, explains the consequences of transacting with denied parties, and how to mitigate risk.