Streamlining Logistics and Supply Chain Processes in the Equipment Rental, Leasing and Recycling Services Industries

Descartes delivers affordable, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions that help organizations with their delivery operations to improve delivery accuracy, manage change, and enhance customer service, while reducing costs. Descartes logistics solutions for the equipment rental, leasing and recycling services industries include:

  • Order management and notification
  • Optimized route planning
  • Mapping/Geocoding
  • Dispatch management and planning
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Real-time notification and exception capture
  • Business analysis and productivity reporting

Equipment Rental, Leasing and Recycling Services Case Studies

Stephenson's Rental Services
Stephenson's Rental Services customers include home builders, and general and commercial contractors providing demolition, electrical or mechanical services.  Stephenson's had a lower than expected on-time delivery percentage along with fairly substantial outsourcing costs.
TOMRA operates today in 45 countries around the globe. In pursuing its mission of ‘Helping the World Recycle’, TOMRA maintains a strong commitment to ensuring that their activities contribute positively to society and the environment. TOMRA operates in a seasonal market where the volume of returned beverage containers fluctuates with seasonal weather changes.  
Jeff Schram, General Manager at UBCR - provides an industry solution to pick up empty beverage containers, explains his relationship with Descartes and describes his success using Descartes route planning and mobile software.

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