Provide a Differentiated Customer Experience While Reducing Costs and Growing Revenue

Home delivery success starts during the buying process and ends after the goods are delivered. Descartes’ solution covers the end-to-end buyer journey. It enables retailers to offer customers significantly more delivery and value-added service options during the buying process but minimize delivery costs by steering customers to lower cost delivery options. The result is greater customer loyalty and profitability.

Descartes' solution continues through the delivery process managing execution, proactively alerting exceptions and calculating ETA changes. The integrated real-time GPS-based mobile app electronically communicates between the driver and dispatcher to track delivery progress and make route changes. Proof-of-delivery and other critical stop-related data is electronically captured with the same app. A notifications engine uses data from delivery appointment through physical delivery to keep customers informed, help minimize failed deliveries and allow customers to rate their experience. Descartes helps to keep the promise which is critical to keeping the customer.

Descartes' solution is unique because of:

  • Comprehensive and deep functionality that addresses the entire delivery lifecycle, from delivery appointment scheduling, delivery route planning, execution, and dispatch, GPS-enabled real-time mobile tracking and POD, and delivery status notifications
  • Advanced, same-day delivery appointment and route optimization technology integrated with real-time GPS tracking

  • Enterprise-class, web-based architecture that can scale to solve the most complex and largest home delivery requirements and synchronizes all of the internal and external parties involved in the delivery process

Customer Success & Industry Resources

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Strategic Route Planning: Blueprint for Profitability
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