ICS2 for Freight Forwarders & NVOCCs

Updated Information on the EU ICS2 Regulation

What is ICS2 for Freight Forwarders & NVOCCs

The Import Control System 2 (ICS2) regulation is a safety and security system that calls for greater advanced cargo information and that replaces the legacy framework. The regulation calls for added data that was previously handled by carriers at the master level.

What New Data & Processes Does ICS2 Require?

ICS2 Release 3 calls for:

✔ Broader data requirements to be provided at master and house level​

✔ Buyer/seller data from the importer for maritime, road, and rail​

✔ Contractual arrangements for multiple filings for maritime and for rail in the future

✔ Data quality referrals in addition to Do Not Load (DNL) notifications​

✔ Re-entry / Split consignment indicators​

What Are the Filing Deadlines for Maritime, Road & Rail Shipments?

On-demand Web Seminar

Due to the high level of interest in the new EU ICS2 regulation, Descartes is pleased to host an informative on-demand web seminar, “Regulatory Radar: EU ICS2 Maritime Requirements for Freight Forwarders & NVOCCs Are Coming!"

What Are the ICS2 Releases & Anticipated Requirement Dates?

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs in logistics

ICS2 Release 3 calls for house-bill level data as well as Harmonized System (HS) information. The regulation also requires full buyer and seller data for shipments bound for the EU, and more.

​​In addition, forwarders need to have decided to self-file and register with the EU before the carrier goes live. Forwarders need to do this even if they do not plan to deploy until later, or they will be obligated to share house bill data with carriers.

How Can Decartes Help Enable Compliance

A long-standing innovator in advanced security filing compliance, Descartes offers a wide range of solutions to comply with the latest mandates such as ICS2. Our cloud-based solutions are rapid to deploy, user-friendly, and help customers cost-effectively keep pace with regulatory changes affecting international trade.