Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for Cargo

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This resource center includes information regarding the EU Import Control System 2 (ICS2) requirements for cargo. We encourage you to bookmark this page and to check back often for updated information.

What is ICS2 for Cargo?

The EU Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is an advanced security filing requirement. Beginning on 3 June 2024, those carrying goods by sea, inland waterways, road, and rail will have to file a full Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset to ICS2.

What Do We Know About ICS2 for Cargo? 

What Are the Challenges for Cargo Operations?

The Import Control System 2 (ICS2) requires not only connectivity to government agencies and filing within specified timeframe, but also calls for tight communication between parties. Some key challenges include:

Descartes Has You Covered for ICS2 for Cargo

Our Technology Can Help You Comply with Security Filing Requirements Worldwide

As a long-standing innovator in technology for the cargo industry, Descartes is at the leading edge of ICS2 compliance. Our solutions are built based upon consultative efforts between carriers, forwarders, and customs agencies to ensure compliance requirements are exceeded.

Descartes technology streamlines data sharing to enable multi-party collaboration, reduces the risk of submission errors and delays, improves filing efficiency and productivity, enhances customer service with real-time shipment and clearance statuses, and responds to exceptions with robust reporting and alerts.

Descartes technology is also extensible. Our solutions are modeled with a standard and scalable architecture to support similar security filing initiatives, including ICS2 for mail, and others globally.

A Seamless Data Flow to Enable Compliance​

Descartes systems can work together transmit ICS2 information to regulatory agencies, update forwarders’ internal platforms as well as populate carrier systems with status messages, requests for information, and other data. Alternately, we offer a web-based stand-alone platform to enter and manage ICS filings by exception. Here is how the data flow works for air cargo as an example: