Enhancing Customer Service & Improving Warehouse Operations with Descartes

Marine Services International, Inc. (MSI) is an international freight forwarder and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) based out of the Cleveland, Ohio freight hub. The company has been using Descartes to manage warehouse operations, analyze trends, and coordinate the movement of multimodal freight.

“MSI is a certified women-owned business and National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) member committed to excellence in freight and cargo services," said Kelly Betlejewski, Vice President, Marine Services International. “We operate in a competitive space, so it is key to ensure that we differentiate our services. One of our core competitive advantages is our comprehensive warehousing services that include storage, pick and pack, crating, re-packaging, and container loading.”

Streamlining Processes with Best-in-class Technology

“As far as customer service, our standard procedure is to guide, suggest, communicate, expedite, follow up, give notification, and keep clients informed of performance metrics. A key part of our customer service is to deliver targeted reporting to our customers which helps them stay on top of trends regarding their shipments. Descartes’ statistical analysis tools not only enable us to deliver the rich reporting that our customers expect, but also allow us to monitor shipment profit and the volume from an internal operational perspective.”

“Descartes’ customer support is with us every step of the way regarding our warehousing operations, reporting, and freight forwarding. The technical support team replies quickly, guides us through processes, refers us to documentation, and ensures that we are using best practices. This guidance and support has helped us focus on our core competency of moving freight with the world-class customer service for which MSI is known.”

“Technology is a critical component to move goods quickly into and out of our warehouse. We use Descartes as part of our vital warehouse service offering to receive goods into inventory to maximize value from our warehouse operations.”

Kelly Betlejewski, Vice President, Marine Services International

The Results

Improved Customer Service

MSI is providing enhanced customer service with advanced statistical tools from Descartes.

Increased Analytic Insight

With best-in-class technology, MSI is staying on top of macro-level shipment trends and financial performance.

Enhanced Warehouse Operations

Descartes warehouse solutions help MSI receive goods into inventory rapidly to make goods available for clients.

Added Efficiency

Descartes world-class technical support professionals are helping MSI fully use the technology’s features to boost efficiency.

About Marine Services International

Marine Services International, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured international logistics and transportation freight forwarder. MSI offers service ‘Beyond the Sail’, a commitment to going the distance through persistence, determination, follow-through, consistency, and dedication to customer service.

MSI is committed to excellence in freight and cargo services including freight forwarding, ocean freight export, air freight export, customs brokerage, warehousing, as well as container loading and unloading. Staffed with seasoned freight industry professionals, MSI covers all aspects of logistics, trade, and freight.

Learn more at: www.marineservicesintl.com

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Marine Services International


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