From Purchase Order, Bookings, Security Filing and Customs Entries All the Way to Warehousing and Final Delivery

Descartes offers on-demand forwarder solutions that are comprehensive and modular for managing the planning and execution of import and export shipments for all modes of domestic and international transportation. With Descartes, freight forwarders and other logistics intermediaries can realize the benefits of real-time information exchange throughout the entire freight operations process – from purchase order, bookings, security filing and customs entries all the way to warehousing and final delivery – through a single interface. With Descartes, forwarders can expect to achieve:

  • Purchase order management
  • Multimodal shipment execution
  • Production of all required shipment documents
  • Role-based access to documents
  • Portal access to documents for agents and customers
  • Automated data entry and extraction
  • Integration with standard accounting applications
  • Standard and customized reporting capabilities

Duties and taxes associated with the importing of goods are a critical element of the supply chain compliance responsibility. Brokerage activities and customs declarations involve the highest degree of transparency over the exact nature of the commodity entering the country, its value and where it was made.

With this information in hand, and the requisite commercial and licensing documentation, the trading community can satisfy the entry process through a variety of scenarios such as: direct entry, in-bond, free trade zone, as well as, address the re-exporting of goods and recouping of duties paid. Descartes is unique in the market of broker solutions, by offering U.S., Canadian, and key European Union (EU) market brokerage and declaration services to help manage the customs declaration processes, including:

  • Completion of the entry process including the starting of entries based on commercial data integrated to our systems from our customers’ or their suppliers’ systems;
  • Compliance validation on correct rating, trade agreement and post-entry processing;
  • Maintaining detailed and full product masters including necessary information for Other Government Agencies (OGA), Participating Government Agencies(PGA) and trade agreement use;
  • Reporting and auditing for informed compliance; and
  • A customs warehouse management solution to facilitate compliance with the rigorous requirements of a bonded warehouse