With the growth of ecommerce expected to continue at a vigorous pace, B2C and B2B companies are focusing on last-mile delivery strategies to ensure their brands remain competitive.

The rise in ecommerce has placed an increased emphasis on the last mile in the supply chain due to the critical role it plays enhancing the total customer experience. Top performers across multiple industries recognize that providing efficient and flawless last-mile deliveries can differentiate their brands from competitors.

Last-mile service providers, including couriers, carriers and private fleets, are being challenged to meet rapidly-changing expectations from both shippers and customers seeking faster, more accurate and cost-effective deliveries.

To help meet evolving customer demands, providers are adopting last mile delivery software that combines advanced route planning, execution and optimization with real-time tracking, mobile apps, client notifications, telematics and data analytics. By embracing advanced technology, last-mile service providers are elevating the customer experience and overcoming operational challenges, thereby turning their delivery operations into a competitive weapon.