Are you CDS Ready?

Following the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU there has been numerous changes to UK systems. Are you prepared for the upcoming changes in submitting customs declarations due to the implementation of the new Customs Declaration Service?

The replacement, Customs Declaration Service or CDS, was first introduced back in 2018 with Descartes being the first software supplier to successfully submit a CDS import declaration.

Descartes solutions have also been in significant use in Northern Ireland where CDS has been mandatory since October 2021.

HMRC are now finalising CDS migration with Services on CHIEF being withdrawn in stages:

• Import: After 30 September 2022 – traders will not be able to make import declarations on CHIEF

• Export: CDS for exports will be implemented in a phased approach. A selected group of high-volume declarants will move to CDS for exports by 30 November 2023. The second stage of this approach will see other businesses move to CDS for exports by 30 March 2024

Descartes software is CDS compliant and ready for the upcoming customs changes. This is an excellent opportunity to take a good look at the Descartes software in action as we take look at CDS export and import customs declarations.

We will also discuss what steps you need to make to be ready for CDS.

This webinar is primarily intended for those companies who are seeking a CDS software solution. But it is also aimed at current Descartes users, especially those that are using the HMRC CHIEF system and haven't yet migrated to CDS.