Customs Declaration Service (CDS) - FAQ

The following questions were submitted during the webinar “Are you Customs Declaration Service (CDS) ready?” presented by Martin Meacock and and Howard Marsh on 23 June 2022.

Will there still be a link between CCS UK and Imports in CDS? Will we still go into CCS UK and then when we click to clear by full dec it will go to CDS?

Yes, when CCS UK are ready for now they have been focusing on CDS in Northern Ireland and the airports they cover e.g., Belfast Intl and City.

Do I need to tell the CSP I am using CDS? How can I use your customs declaration service to maintain compliance?

You need to inform the Community System Provider (CSP) badge operators e.g., CNS and MCP that your badge needs to be configured for CDS using the Descartes e-customs system. *Please contact them direct. 

Can we switch over one or two badges to CDS live and keep most with CHIEF to permit us time to become accustomed to CDS, then move the rest over when happy, or do we have to switch all links at once?

We have designed e-customs to be dual use, so yes you can do that. The CDS decs are within the CDS menu. The CHIEF decs continue as they are for now under Imports and Exports menu options within e-customs.

*NOTE - The CSP badge operator will need to config the badge for CDS as well. Check with your CSP if you have more than one badge with the same CSP to ensure they are OK with your suggestion as well. Also be aware if you are using CDS and CHIEF in dual running, the Deferment account will require a Direct Debit set up for CHIEF (like you have now) and a new one for CDS as they are separate systems/accounts with HMRC.

How will CDS work with raising EMCS?

Same as today with CHIEF.

Can we raise an EMCS direct form CDS?

Yes you will.

What is the new CPC export code for CDS?

I assume you mean for a straight export which was 10 00 001 the 1040 plus what ever appropriate additional procedure code.

Do you still get C88 and E2 prints with CDS?

C88 and E2 are no longer formal reports from CHIEF. Within e-customs will take the response and convert it into a lookalike document that has the support of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers, (AFSS) and British International Forwarding Association (BIFA) and HMRC have seen sight of.

In CDS an Exporter/Importer must have special authorisations for exporting/importing their cargo? If yes, what and when apply?

No, for a stright forward import just an EORI they can then pay taxes by debit card / bank transfer if they wish or use a broker's account.

From a customers point of view, they just need to submit the CDS duty deferement direct debit, do they need to authorise for CDS through the gateway? also if they are not doing the entries themselves ?

Yes for a broker to be able to quote their deferment account.

Where do you get the form for the DD CDS duty deferement ?

See HMRC .gov website for CDS deferment -

HMRC have said that CDS is digital and paperless. Can we as agents and our importer clients (and assume sub agents, if their EORIs used on declaration) view all declarations completed on the Government Gateway?

That would be the preference, the requirement for "paper" is more likely going to be driven by customers than Customs howevr MSS type functionality is still on th eCustoms backlog.

How do you declare 2 SPOFFS when dealing with diversions between 2 traders holding 2 different authorisations if CDS only accepts SPOFFS at header level?

You cannot, conisgnee must be at header on an import so you should not have a single declaration with two different traders

Do consignee's need to register for CDS or is it just Declarants?

They need to register if they want to get their C79s and view / manage their financial accounts

Will there be any way we can check if our customers have registered for CDS before making a real or test declaration?

Not without them confirming.

We do declarations using badges with CNS and MCP, we also do GVMS, we need to configure badges with MCP and CNS , what do we need to do about GVMS Non inventory? Do we need to do anything?

Non inventory can be sent either via your CNS / MCP badges or direct to CDS. If direct to CDS you need to authorise e-Customs as shown in the demo. It doesn't matter which route you use, using RRS01 makes the data available for use in GVMS.

if the importer has an E9 and we have to cancel to change mop , who then resets the entry if linked to GVMS ?

Whoever submitted the GVMS.

Which import number would we use for GVMS?


Can you change to the agent deferment if the importers has insufficient funds?

No, the declaration will have passed the point of amendment so you would either need to fund the account or cancel and resubmit.

Can GBPR still be used for a private importer/exporter?

For GBPR type imports no EORI is entered just full name and address

Will all the screens be the same for exports as it is for imports?

Similar although exports does have a different data requirement

Will there be exports focused sessions in the future?

Yes once we have finalised the import migrations we will turn or attention fully to exports.

Is Office of Exit also required? for exports? If yes. We add random office of exit?

You should indiacte where you expect the goods to exit, if in reality it differs CDS will be updated when the departure notification is submitted.

Does this mean that we now have to make 2 different declaration if a single piece of cargo will be imported under a different CPC?

Yes if they fall udner different categories, e.g. Free Circulation, IPR and TA would need 3 declarations

If you are a representative on the entry and the declarant has the authorisation for the deferment or the cash account does that still work or does the importer need to authorise the representative?

As long as one of the parties is authorised it should work but worth testing.

I upload my data to e-customs, does that have to be changed?

There will be a difference in your process as there are areas of the data set required for CDS that is different to that of CHIEF, which means differences in the User Interface and in the integration data. Please contact the Descartes service desk for further help and guidance stating “A request for CDS interface specs and Professional Services support ”

If an agent switches two digits of the EORI in error (let's assume a new client) how will we know we have used the wrong client's if the E2 is self-generated and not return by HMRC, as current CHIEF version will read EORI input and feed back the company associated with it?

Assuming the EORI is valid you will not, CDS does not return this data and if the trader has not made their data visible in the EORI database you will not be able to check it either.

Can you have an uplift % on freight charges

The uplift functionality currently used for CHIEF in e-Customs should be implemented in CDS.

Have HMRC given a reason why we cannot change the method of payment?

From a technical point of view I believ this is where CDS has finalised processing and pased it to another HMRC finance component but really one for HMRC to justify.

How do we know if our non-inventory linked entries are cleared and how do we prove that without having DEVD?

Unlike CHIEF CDS sends an explicit clearance or release status (DMSCLE/DMSROG). You can send an enquiry messagre to CDS which will show the person enquiring the status.

Are we able to get some of the same reports that we currently have for CHIEF entries? For example CFSP reports for SDIs, reports showing SFDs and their acceptance dates etc.

There a a range of CDS reports although not all reports have yet been dupliacted, please raise any speciifc requirements via ServiceDesk if you fiund a specific report missing.

Messaging for H4 and H1 are different so you wont be able to combine?

Correct, confirmfed you get a CDS error if you try and combine a 40 series procedure code with a 51 series procedure code.

Are Routes still going to be a thing?

CSPs may still use "routes" to limit their inhouse developments but for CDS no routes are used there is either a blocking or non blocking control we have a comparison in ONLINE HELP reference library section.

Do we need to add a CCG for a clients deferment account if dutiable?

No - see

What if the commodity code is non vat applicable with no deferment account required? How does this work?

If Duty and VAT free then no Method of Payment is required. No DAN or assocaited authorisation holder / guarantee will be needed. VATZ may still need to b declared as an additional Tariff Code.

Does a trader or forwarder using their own Duty Deferment account need a Comprehensive Customs Guarantee?

No - see

On the items line, there are balance sections with red negative values. Is that an internal configuration or is this something we need to balance out?

Is optional, these are just comparing anything on header with the sum of the line items but header values are optional.

Can we start running duel system live now?

Yes, for imports.

Will DMSQRY be on Declarant's account or Trader's?


Would that be the brokers government gate way or the customers?

I assume this in relation to DMSQRY - Brokers

How long does the deferment authority last?

that is a question for HMRC to confirm… I am afraid… but we think indefinitly or until cancelled by the trader.

When CHIEF is shut down, will that effectively stop production of E2 reports etc?

You can still access old prints in e-Customs but no new ones will be generated.

How do you view who has authorised you to use their DAN?

If they have allowed you to see their balance then it should be visible on your dashboard.

With regards to using a customers deferment do you always have to enter their CCG number? Or if they have a waiver on the declaration as well as the authorisation number.

You only have to enter a CCG number if they have one, for deferment it should no longer be necessary by default in GB.

Is the immediate payment of taxes available 24/7? as chief is restricted to FAS accounting working times only

Our understanding It is an automated service so should be 24/7 whereas FAS required on some manually matching of funds.

Can you advise if we can change deferment numbers if there is an E9 rather than change the MOP which we realise is not an option.

You cannot amend anything once the customs "position" has been determined an dthe final tax calculated.

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