Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Descartes Can Help 

Whether you are an importer or an LSP offering value-added services, Descartes FTZ solution can help you manage the entire customs-controlled inventory process. Our solution provides robust functionality combined with rich content, rule-based integration tools, and electronic connectivity across trading partners and regulatory government agencies. 

— John Sell, Vice President of Retail & Transportation Solutions for MD Logistics 

"Most FTZ software contemplates that the licensee, typically a manufacturer or importer, will be the only user. Descartes separates itself from all other vendors by offering a solution that already includes the logic whereby 3PLs can use the software to service multiple customers simultaneously. It is flexible, easily integrated and offers maximum automation, allowing us to handle high-volume clients. Compliance was a primary factor in selecting Descartes’ FTZ solution." 

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