Exporting from the UK into the EU

Software solutions for filing customs declarations or operating ETSF warehouses
How to Submit Customs Declarations
An overview of the processes involved in filing customs declarations
Importing into the UK from the EU
Descartes' e-Customs provides a straightforward way of submitting customs declarations.

From 1 Jan 2021 all goods exported from the UK to the EU will be subject to export controls and require a UK customs export declaration..

Descartes' e-Customs provides a straightforward way of submitting customs declarations for Brexit through your customs registration.

See how easy it is to complete export customs declarations for Brexit with Descartes' e-Customs software.

Contact us for more information or learn how to get ready and submit customs declarations for Brexit.

If you're ready to sign-up to Descartes’ e-Customs software then visit our Online Shop to manage your customs declarations for Brexit.

Export Controls

Descartes can help your business achieve export, import and financial compliance from 1 January 2021 for moving goods between the UK and EU, along with Northern Ireland.
Dual-Use Exports

Descartes offers a suite of easy-to use-solutions for all your classification needs. Simplify the process of classifying your exports and store your classification decisions for future reference.

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