Achieving Inbound Freight Visibility and Breaking Through The Barriers of B2B Communication

All too often, there is a failure to communicate across the inbound supply chain. Lack of real-time visibility may result in higher stock levels, longer cycle time, delayed border crossings, and more. 

As additional buyers, suppliers, 3PLs, carriers, regulatory agencies, and more join the supply chain, it can be challenging to move information among partners with varying business rules, IT capabilities, systems, and data standards.

It’s critical to lock-in visibility to: The status of a shipment, whether it's fulfilling an order in full or in part, when goods are expected, if shipments are properly labeled for transit and for retail, if customs messages have been transmitted, and more. All to often, one supply chain partner may fulfill one of these requirements, and/or house the required information within its systems, but fail to transfer the data to the next recipient.

Join us on July 24 at 2pm US ET for our event, “Purchase Order, Import and Shipment Management Visibility”, hosted by Descartes' logistics thought leader, Chris Caouette.

The interactive web seminar will cover:

  • Top barriers to smooth multimodal supply chain visibility between suppliers, manufacturers, brokers, and forwarders
  • Effective collaboration and “triggers” that seamlessly prompt action by the next supply chain partner
  • How to enable even the smallest suppliers to create ASNs, provide production status updates, and print compliant UCC/GS1 barcode labels
  • How to tap the potential of a logistics network

How Descartes Can Help

Descartes can enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and coordination between diverse trading partners, databases, and systems; agnostic to software or hardware. Our approach to connectivity can help to unlock ‘silos’ of information trapped in supplier, broker, and customer systems.

The solution includes:

  • An Access Portal – A secure, intuitive end -user interface that supports role-based user management, data and transaction monitoring, tracking, exception management, reporting and more
  • An Integration Hub – A gateway for integration with a suite of tools to manage inbound and outbound data
  • A Business Process Manager – Enables management of transactions based on the unique rules and workflows specific to a company
  • A Trading Partner Manager – Provides a rich set of tools for the management of members within a company’s trading network

Register for our web seminar that covers how to use configurable workflows to optimize the purchase order and import processes; how to effective deploy flexible business rules; and how to implement automated alerts, exception management, and KPI-driven business intelligence with technology.