Researching Varying Ecommerce Logistics Strategies and Tactics

Ecommerce has fundamentally changed the logistics and supply chain landscape. Consumers and businesses now call for faster delivery, end-to-end visibility, and world-class customer service. As result, online pure players, omni-channel retailers and logistics service providers (LSPs) are adapting their operations to capture their share of the ecommerce profit potential. 

In order to assess how ecommerce is changing the logistics and supply chain landscape, Descartes has launched our Second Annual Ecommerce Supply Chain & Logistics Benchmark Survey. The goal of the study is to tap businesses insights on the issues, strategies, and tactics that matter most in this dynamic industry.

In addition, the survey is structured to answer critical questions and pinpoint potential patterns across a range of variables including:

  • Shipment volume – Do larger players deploy different strategies or display varying business approaches than smaller companies?
  • Business model – Are there distinctive patterns between companies that operate in the B2B sphere, the B2C market, or a blend of both?
  • Regulatory changes – Do ecommerce compliance requirements impact decision-making or affect an overall ecommerce strategy?
  • Internal variables – Does an organization’s approach to ecommerce (i.e. following emerging trends vs. staying the course) correlate to other performance metrics?  If so, how?
  • Financial stability – Do top performers deploy different tactics than industry laggards?
  • Insourcing vs. outsourcing fulfillment – Are companies that adopt one strategy over another more successful? 
  • Industry – How do ecommerce fulfillment practices vary by industry?
  • Cross-border shipments – Does a company ship internationally and, if so, what proportion of shipments? Do cross-border shipments also correlate to other variables?
  • Technology – How important is technology to a given company?

The study is designed to not only assess trends and relationships between the above factors but to also discover if there are differing perspectives and ecommerce logistics practices across regions. 

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and the first 100 respondents will be entered into a drawing to win $/€100 gift cards.

Please follow the below link to begin:


About Descartes Ecommerce Solutions

Descartes’ centralized, holistic ecommerce solutions go beyond the online transaction to provide end-to-end-channel connectivity, seamless communication with trading partners, and practical operational processes all the way up to the point of delivery.  From home delivery to warehouse management, shipping, channel connectivity and more, Descartes Ecommerce solutions help businesses succeed in today’s evolving ecommerce landscape.

We encourage you to take the Descartes Second Annual Ecommerce Supply Chain & Logistics Benchmark Survey to be among the first to add the insight and results of the study to your operations!