Descartes Advanced International Shipping Software Delivers Results for Leading Forwarder

Fracht USA provides full logistics and transportation services for multiple industries with domestic and international operations whether road, air, sea or rail. To streamline its international shipment management, customs clearance, and customer and carrier connectivity, Fracht is using the Descartes OneView™ solution suite and the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™).

Following integration with Descartes’ solutions, Fracht has improved productivity by automating the data exchange between its customers and air and ocean carriers. All parties benefit from the seamless flow of information, improved efficiency and reduced opportunity for human error made possible by the Descartes solutions.

Why Descartes for Import/Export Shipment and Accounting Management?

Descartes OneView Forwarder Enterprise helps logistics services providers, freight forwarders, and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) efficiently manage complex transportation and financial processes for inbound and outbound shipments across modes. With a full-featured accounting system, integrated modular solutions, and real-time information exchange across the entire shipment lifecycle through a single interface, Descartes OneView Forwarder Enterprise helps companies keep customer goods moving across borders as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Why Descartes for Connectivity Services?

The Descartes GLN is an industry standard for multimodal, inter-enterprise electronic data and document exchange. The network provides users with real-time, high speed connectivity to customers, trading partners and transportation carriers and supports a rich set of commercial, logistics and regulatory documents, including air, ocean and truck messaging standards. Hundreds of thousands of connected parties in more than 160 countries use the broad array of connectivity, document management and community services supported by the Descartes GLN.

Descartes International Shipping Software Accelerates the Movement of Goods  

Descartes OneView Forwarder Enterprise is an on-demand enterprise-class solution that improves the coordination of air and ocean import/export shipments for Logistics Services Providers (LSP). Information can be seamlessly leveraged from operational modules for use in a full-featured accounting application to reduce operating costs and speed the movement of freight. Modules include import break bulk for air and ocean transport, ocean export to automate outbound sea-freight operations, and air export to easily prepare U.S. export documents.    

To learn more about Fracht, visit WWW.FRACHTUSA.COM.

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Written by George Manolis

Vice President Product Management Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems at Descartes