Enabling Global Trading Partner Collaboration and Connectivity

Enhance operations and evolve beyond shipment and supply chain management (SCM) by leveraging interactions and connectivity. The Descartes eCellerate™ collaborative suite connects businsesses to logistics and supply chain trading partners and enables companies to work together to help ensure the most efficient movement of goods.

The Descartes eCellerate solution places businsesses at the center of information and shipment management; allowing companies to discover new supply chain alliances and create partnerships in a secure web-based environment.

This advanced collaborative product ties together logistics service providers, buyers, sellers, vendors, customs brokers, export agents, import agents, carriers and more in a common platform. With Descartes eCellerate, businesses are better able to:

Increase profit margins, improve processes and an achieve an accelerated time-to-market

Lower the cost of ownership with secure cloud-based technology

Comply with U.S. security filing mandates such as Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Automated Manifest System (AMS) requirements

Reduce the cost of data entry with an advanced, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) driven framework

Maximize customer service with a client-facing, white-labelled interface

Achieve global connectivity and operability in both high- and low- bandwidth environments

In addition, Descartes eCellerate was engineered with:

  • An intuitive, user-driven dashboard and customizable viewing features
  • Robust EDI connectivity
  • Flexible architecture that allows customers to bolt-on additional services
  • A full suite of interconnected modules including:
    • Purchase order management
    • Shipping order management
    • Bookings
    • Shipment management
    • Denied Party Screening (DPS)
    • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
    • Automated Manifest System (AMS)
  • Customizable event and exception notification schema
  • Document management and source document storage
  • Options to connect to:
    • Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise solution for robust freight forwarding and comprehensive shipment management capabilities
    • Descartes OneView™ Customs House Broker (Descartes OneView™ CHB) for U.S. Customs entries to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) with added Partner Government Agency (PGA) connectivity
    • Descartes OneView™ Warehouse Management System (Dscartes OneView™ WMS)
    • Descartes OneView™ Purchase Order Direct (Descartes OneView™ PO Direct)
    • And more