Smartwares to rely on Descartes to manage EDI messaging, providing reliable electronic communications and improved connectivity within its business ecosystem

Smartwares, a leading consumer goods company offering design-oriented home essentials, is outsourcing business-to-business (B2B) communications to Descartes to help it reduce costs and support its acquisition-based growth strategy. Smartwares is a fast-growing consumer goods company offering a rich selection of smart home essentials.  Active in 4 business areas - Home Improvement, Home Monitoring, Home Appliances, and Home Care - brands include Sorbo, Princess, Tristar and HomeWizard. Smartwares realizes with 1.000 employees a turnover of € 500 mln. The company is owned by H2 Equity Partners, NPM Capital, ABN Amro Participaties and Smartwares management.

Why Descartes?

René Geelhuyzen, IT Director with Smartwares describes the challenges the company faces and what they required in an EDI messaging solution. "Running optimally becomes more challenging as we continually acquire new companies, each with their own systems and logistics processes," said Geelhuyzen. "This is why we made the decision to rely on Descartes to manage our EDI messaging. Not only does Descartes' cloud-based Messaging Gateway help us run more efficiently, it also assists us in avoiding critical disruptions in the flow of orders to our customers."

Cloud-based Messaging Hub for All Electronic Communications

As part of Descartes' Global Logistics Network, Descartes' cloud-based Messaging Gateway acts as the hub for all electronic communications in Smartwares' business ecosystem. The flow of logistics and commercial data is centrally managed and monitored across business units and trading partners to help improve data accuracy, maintain highly consistent processes, and ensure reliability.

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Written by Fred van der Heide

Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes