Advanced Air Cargo Software to Improve Data Quality 

Descartes Cargo iQ™ fully supports the International Air Transport Association (IATA) program and is an authorized and fully-certified member of IATA’s Cargo iQ initiative. Descartes Cargo iQ solution (formerly Cargo 2000 or C2K Software) is a market-leading air cargo software that allows users to monitor shipments at a master airway bill level from airport to airport and assists carriers and air freight forwarders to comply with Cargo iQ certification. 

Information provided by the system includes quality report compilation, shipment status, exception alerts, route map creation, and departure time reporting. Descartes Cargo iQ is an advanced air cargo software solution that enables better decision-making for fulfilling customer expectations and ensures standardized processes for improved service levels.

Descartes Cargo iQ air cargo software can help you:

  • Facilitate Cargo iQ certification
  • Identify problems occurring in the transportation process
  • Improve transport quality
  • Create detailed reports
  • React swiftly to exception alerts

Our advanced air cargo software Cargo iQ solution allows companies fulfill customer expectations and standardize processes and helps to:

  • Track shipments and partial shipments from origin to the destination airport
  • Examine messages shortly after defined events to comply with Cargo iQ program
  • Automatically match route map milestones against actual event timing
  • Consolidate status data of multiple route maps to obtain transportation quality statistical data
  • Use route maps to describe transportation milestones from origin to destination
  • Store Ground Handling Agent (GHA) offset times per airline and per airport to define milestones for the shipment

Descartes Cargo iQ

Descartes has been a member
of IATA's CargoiQ program
for over 25 years.
Learn how Descartes can
help you achieve a
higher level of data quality.

Success Story

Learn how Avianca Cargo can monitor shipments at a master air waybill level from airport to airport and provides the metrics and reporting needed to facilitate compliance with IATA standards.

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