A Powerful, Web-based, Item Classification and Customs Data Management Workbench

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With global trade regulations on the rise, effective management of item classification and trade-related data can be challenging. Shippers, manufacturers, retailers and compliance professionals must maintain vast amounts of classification information. Leading businesses have discovered a better way to work with Descartes CustomsInfo™ Manager, a powerful, web-based, item classification and data management workbench. Descartes CustomsInfo Manager can easily build detailed trade databases and coordinate complex item classification.

The solution provides:  

  • Rapid global item classification and duty management
  • Customizable fields and options
  • A comprehensive audit trail
  • Document storage and management
  • Multiple language options
  • Schedule-B data
  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) management
  • Other government agency data
  • And much more

As a leading customs data management solution, Descartes CustomsInfo Manager can also gather trade details from external parties as well as validate, communicate and standardize item classification within internal operations. In addition, our powerful HS Mapping functionality can speed classification for multiple countries with little effort and help businesses keep pace with expansion.

The Re-Validator tool can rapidly adapt to World Customs Organization (WCO) updates and regulatory advancements. The solution automatically notifies and directs companies to HS revisions that impact their items. Using our Global Update feature, it’s easy to deploy a range of classification changes with a click. Quickly assign updates to multiple product lines, countries, business units and more.

Descartes CustomsInfo Manager can seamlessly populate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as Oracle OTM, SAP GTS, ecommerce platforms and other technology. With the combined features of Descartes CustomsInfo Manager, businesses can classify products up to six times faster than with manual processes.

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