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Updated Information on the Advance Security Filing Requirements for Exports

This resource center includes information regarding the ACE export manifest program for shipments out of the United States. We encourage you to bookmark this page and to check back often for updated information regarding the initiative.

What is the goal of the ACE Export Manifest program?

As part of CBP's overall ACE initiative, electronic export functionality will help close the loop on the import-export process and bring more modernized standards to labor-intensive export manifest procedures. An electronic export manifest will also allow CBP to better identify potential security concerns earlier in the supply chain and correct administrative issues. This may help reduce potential delays in exports while speeding the flow of compliant shipments.

What will be the timing requirements for export manifest filings?

Filings must be submitted in the following timeframes by mode of transport:

For ocean shipments, the filing should be submitted 24-hours prior to vessel loading
For air shipments, a submission is requested to be filed 4-hours prior to loading
For rail shipments, at least 2-hours prior to loading of the cargo onto the rail car

Export Manifest – Additional Information

What is the deployment schedule for ACE Export Manifest Functionality?

ACE Export Manifest functionality is being deployed via a series of tests.

Do I need to participate in the ACE pilot programs?

Although participation is not required, there are definite benefits to joining the pilot programs. The tests may help you discover how the changes would impact your business and the feasibility of the submission timeframes.

How are the pilots being rolled out?

The pilots are being rolled out at selected ports depending on the trade entities that volunteer for the pilots and their locations around the country. The initial pilot will be concentrating on the goals of receiving electronic data and messaging back to the trade specific statuses on their request.

Does an ACE Export Manifest replace the filing?

The export manifest does not replace the filing. The Automated Export System (AES) filing is equivalent to entry information on the import side. This does not replace and is completely separate from the export filing.

Will the new processes help to increase data quality?

Yes. CBP plans to issue penalties when information was not been updated by the exporter. For example, if a carrier changes ports or the date(s) of export and this information did not flow back to the exporter, a fine could be issued. With the new processes, CBP can, in theory, automatically link-up the ports and the initial dates provided would be considered estimates. The actual port of crossing and date of crossing would come from the manifest. This relieves some of the burden on the trade for having to maintain and update the fields and ultimately increases data quality.

Will CBP need to physically see the shipment before the export?

No. Only those shipments that are placed on hold would need to be physically inspected. CBP only needs to view those shipments that are identified for examination. The rest will be processed without stoppage.

For ocean shipments, does export manifest information need to include Freight Remaining on Board (FROB)?

In the case of ocean shipments, CBP has advised that carriers should prepare for this possibility.

What are the status messages involved with export manifest?

The status messages include:

  • Bill of Lading (BOL) hold message
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) release message
  • Invalid ITN or ITN exception filing citation
  • Invalid Port code validations
  • Invalid in-bond number
  • ITN on file message (rail only)

How Can Descartes Help?

Descartes has the experience and knowledge to help organizations around the globe leverage technology to enable compliance with a broad range of customs and regulatory requirements. We've worked with other participants in the export manifest pilot program since it first launched and we are ready to assist your business as you take part in this pilot program.

— Gabriel Rodriguez, President, A Customs Brokerage

"Descartes' unified platform has been an essential component of our operations and regulatory compliance strategies. In addition, we also look forward to working with Descartes to meet the upcoming U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Export Manifest requirements."


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