Leveraging Descartes Intuitive Freight Forwarding Software to Drive-up Business

JK international (JKI) is an international freight forwarder and customs broker with a large network of offshore agents. From its central hub in Memphis, Tennessee, the company coordinates the distribution of a broad range of cargo types and industry niches. Since its founding, JK international has expanded from a grass roots local business to secure a large presence in the U.S. As a result, it needed the technology that could mirror JK International’s requirements.

“Technology is a vital pillar of our business and JKI’s growth trajectory,” said Cindi Montgomery, Director Compliance from JK international. “We arrived at a critical threshold where the legacy technology that we were using was not meeting our needs and offered features that were not maximizing our potential. We required a platform that was easier to operate. We are pleased to have made the move to Descartes since the solution is intuitive, the functionality is comprehensive, and the staff is responsive to our inquiries.”

Benefiting from Descartes Freight Forwarding Technology

“From a customer-facing perspective, our clients want to know exactly when their shipments are arriving. That’s why Descartes’ web tracking feature is essential to us. It allows clients to check shipment statuses on-demand while enabling us to provide tailored customer service should an exception occur. From an operational perspective, the shipment status updates also allow us to coordinate deliveries with our network of ground transportation providers. This means that containers are moved in and out of the port rapidly which reduces potential demurrage charges. The result is less impact on our bottom line which helps us keep our rates competitive.”

“On the accounting side, Descartes enables us to watch profitability by shipment with its robust financial capabilities. With Descartes’ technology in place, we can perform rich analyses by client as well as stay on top of macro-level shipment trends and financial performance. We can additionally verify that the duties and tariffs assessed are correct and payments remitted in a timely manner.”

Cindi Montgomery, Director Compliance, JK international

“Finally, it is the technical support that set Descartes apart. Descartes’ customer service is top notch, and we are offered feedback and direction rapidly should we need assistance, training, or simply have a question. It is clear that Descartes’ support is keenly interested in walking us through best practices and is committed to our success to derive maximum utility from the solution.”

The Results

Improved Customer Service

JK International is providing on-demand customer access to shipment statuses with Descartes.

Enhanced Analytics

With best-in-class technology, JK international is staying on top of macro-level shipment trends and financial performance.

Reduced Demurrage Fees

With visibility as to when freight is available, there is less of a potential for demurrage charges.

Added Efficiency

Descartes world-class technical support professionals are helping JKI fully use the technology’s features to boost efficiency.

About JK International

JK International is the seamless connection between your products and your clients. We link your supply chain from suppliers to clients through our full-scale logistics service and an all-in-one management platform. Our services include ocean imports and exports, air freight, customs brokerage, road transport and warehousing through real-time dashboards and insightful reporting.

Learn more at https://jkiglobal.com.

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