Automating Workflow & Achieving World-class Customer Service with Descartes

Northpoint Logistics, an international freight forwarder headquartered in Kansas City, is using Descartes Forwarder Back-office Solution to automate processes, meet evolving customs requirements, and provide world-class customer service.

With a goal to provide leading-edge logistics to entrepreneurial companies, customers were continuing to look to Northpoint Logistics for its unparalleled service offering. As Northpoint Logistics expanded, the need to balance business objectives, optimize internal procedures, maintain growth trajectory and still meet client expectations remained top-of-mind. The company knew that it needed to comply with cross-border regulations, connect systems and refine workflow to boost productivity. As a result, Northpoint Logistics looked for a technology provider that would align with their business growth and needs.

Streamlining Tasks & Improving Cross-border Customs Compliance

“Northpoint Logistics is committed to helping entrepreneurs bring unparalleled value to their teams, and in turn, their clients,” said Kaitlin Rusbarsky, Managing Director International Operations from Northpoint Logistics.

“Internally, we want to ensure that our operational processes are streamlined to help us deliver the premiere service our customers expect. For example, we needed a solution that could help reuse and repurpose data intelligently, focus employee attention on exceptions, handle our accounting requirements, and keep pace with evolving cross-border regulations. For this reason, we examined how a new technology stack could help us meet our strategic business goals.”

“After a deep exploration of available technology, Northpoint Logistics selected Descartes to automate tasks, comply with customs requirements, and for its local support. We also chose Descartes due to its extensibility and the range of technology options available from one logistics solutions provider."

Kaitlin Rusbarsky, Managing Director, International Operations, Northpoint Logistics

"With Descartes, we would no longer need to use third-party software for task management since work is now prioritized and consolidated within the Descartes system. This means employees can now know where to focus their attention and can allocate bandwidth to duties that will move the needle for Northpoint Logistics.”

“The powerful customs compliance functionality was also a key differentiator for us in selecting Descartes. Descartes not only offers solutions to help us comply with U.S. Customs mandates, but also offers technology for advanced security filing requirements such as Japan Advanced Filing Rules (AFR) for example. Here too, this means we can use one technology provider to remain in line with global compliance initiatives as they arise.”

“Beyond this, being able to leverage Descartes’ expertise and professional services is a bonus for us. The Descartes staff worked closely with us to help ensure the system was properly configured to meet our business needs. The training we received is top-notch, with special attention given to help us derive maximum utility from the technology to boost individual and organizational performance.”

The Results

Automated Workflow

Key milestones trigger employees to focus work on high priority exceptions.

Increased Compliance

NorthPoint Logistics is keeping pace with changing customs regulations to improve overall compliance.

Improved Customer Service

Local support with deep industry knowledge is helping NorthPoint Logistics boost customer service.

Enhanced Growth

NorthPoint Logistics is adding on technology modules in parallel to business needs.

About NorthPoint Logistics

NorthPoint Logistics is a values-based full-service international freight forwarder, customs broker, and domestic freight broker. Headquartered in Kansas City, our rapidly growing team offers logistics management services and systems which centralize provider networks, automate shipment planning and tracking, and provide world-class service and expertise to help our clients navigate the uncertain waters of supply chains around the world.

With our sister companies within the NorthPoint family, we provide an end-to-end supply chain solution, and our understanding of foreign markets, international trade, domestic transportation and supply chain optimization is built upon years of operation across the continent and the globe. Our values orientation, commitment to data-driven decision-making, and relentless drive to optimize and innovate truly differentiate us in the marketplace. Learn more at:

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