Automating Freight Forwarding Processes to Move Cargo More Efficiently

Speed Global Services (SGS) is a growing freight forwarder and customs broker committed to offering personal and customized shipping experience to its customer base. Over the years, the company has expanded from a regional Logistics Service Provider (LSP) to servicing customers worldwide. As part of its growth trajectory, Speed Global Services has been adopting best-in-class technology to ensure that it remains productive and competitive.

“Speed Global Services is a full-service supply chain solution providing shipping of domestic and global freight,” said David Reed, General Manager, International, at Speed Global Services. “Providing logistics with premiere customer service has helped us differentiate our service offering, and technology is one of the key factors that helps keep us efficient. Solutions that can further boost our productivity are critical to keep operations running smoothly.”

“As part of our adoption of innovative technology, we have been using Descartes OneView™ for both clearing shipments and moving multimodal freight. The technology’s automation, statistical analysis, and recordkeeping have added value for us. For example, the ability to clone similar entry summaries has offered us time saving capabilities and reduced repeated manual data entry. Every click or action that enhances efficiency frees bandwidth for us. Beyond this, the document management enables us to seamlessly maintain our recordkeeping requirements digitally and retrieve documents on-demand.”

Streamlining Processes with Best-in-class Technology

“From a business analysis perspective, the custom statistics has proven to be insightful. We clear shipments that include Partner Government Agency (PGA) data, and we created a report that enables our warehouse to know which shipments have been released from holds as the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) updates come in. This greatly helps to streamline processes and ensure that shipments get to our customers as soon as they’re available.”

“It is the local customer service that really sets Descartes apart with our questions prioritized and quickly addressed. Descartes’ customer support team is almost an extension of our team since they continuously add value to help ensure that we derive maximum utility and efficiency from the solution."

David Reed, General Manager, International, Speed Global Services

The Results

Increased Efficiency

By eliminating time-consuming manual processes, Descartes OneView is able to optimize workflows.

Rapid Compliance

With Descartes, Speed Global Services is able to clear shipments more rapidly and meet recordkeeping requirements.

Enhanced Reporting

Advanced reporting helps to accelerate warehouse processes.

Improved Productivity

Since resources are saved using automation, employees are freed for value-added tasks.

What Makes Speed Global Services Unique?

Introducing an innovative solution for mid-sized and large companies in the world of logistics! As a trusted freight broker, freight forwarder, and customs broker, Speed Global Services specializes in streamlining supply chain operations, focusing on cutting costs, reducing time, and minimizing risks.

With our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your logistical needs are met with utmost efficiency and precision.

Whether it’s optimizing transportation routes, negotiating favorable freight rates, or navigating complex customs procedures, we are your go-to partner. Let us handle the intricacies of logistics while you concentrate on what you do best – growing your business. Experience the power of seamless logistics with us and revolutionize your operations today. Learn more at

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Speed Global Services


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