A Comprehensive Solution for Import & Export Shipment Management, Cargo Tracking & Shipment Visibility

The Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise solution is a single sign-on platform that allows freight forwarders, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) and third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) to effectively coordinate air and ocean import/export shipments. Information can be seamlessly leveraged from operational modules for use in a full-featured accounting application to realize a higher level of operational efficiency and accuracy.

Descartes OneView Forwarder Enterprise is used by thousands of users, and is the only expandable, accounting rich shipment management and visibility solution with the ability to expand in parallel to business growth.

Modules include:

Import Break Bulk - This all-in-one import product includes both air and ocean transport and covers back-to-back single shipments, co-loads, multi-container consolidations as well as full-flight charters. Drilldown to status information to view, edit and document shipment statuses ‘on the fly’. Generate time-sensitive documentation such as pick-up orders and 7512 in-bond documentation directly from the application.

Ocean Export - Fully automate outbound sea-freight operations in an easy-to-use application that dramatically improves productivity. Save time by integrating all steps from quotation to Bill of Lading (BOL). Rapidly create export documentation for direct or consolidated (NVOCC) cargo. Replicate previous shipment information from past business to jumpstart the data entry process.

Air Export - Easily prepare US export documents and take control of air export operations with this intuitive module. View all flights at-a-glance between specified origin and destination airports. React to cancelled/delayed flights or quickly adapt if cargo is not ready for shipment. For electronic messaging from the airlines, add optional access to the world’s air carriers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Accounting - Ensure that all services rendered are fully billed with a powerful accounting product that seamlessly integrates with operational modules. The Descartes OneView Accounting solution is capable of advanced general ledger applications and financial analysis, multiple divisions and locations, bank reconciliation, fully customizable reports, month- and year-end closings, time-saving batch processes, profit & loss fail-safes and much more.

Web-based Cargo Tracking & Visibility - Our advanced, white-labelled, web-based solution presents your business as the go-to resource behind shipment visibility.  Customers can view shipment status at-a-glance from any web-based location.

Potential Benefits

  • Improve accuracy by reusing information from quotation to shipment creation to billing
  • An integrated accounting module ensures that services rendered are fully billed
  • Reduce time spent performing data entry by copying previous shipments
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Speed the movement of freight
  • Standardize operational procedures
  • Increase communication through a comprehensive, web-based cargo tracking portal


  • One-click sort functionality
  • Rapidly create import and export documentation
  • Add-on modules as your business expands
  • Optional regulatory compliance tools allow streamlined transmission of entries and ISF information to US Customs from one integrated portal
  • Reuse BOL/AWB data for billing and accounting
  • Leverage Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™) to streamline connectivity to trading partners