Rapidly Onboard with ACAS: Comply with the Regulation with Added Air Cargo Tracking & Visibility

With a history of providing customs and security filing solutions, Descartes has created a cloud-based solution to answer the requirements of ACAS, offering air forwarders and carriers an innovative way to comply while keeping operating costs in line.  With the regulation now mandatory, compliance is more importance than ever.

The Descartes ACAS™ solution uses the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™) to collect house bill information directly from forwarders enterprise systems to file directly to CBP without manual intervention thereby increasing data quality. Air forwarders also have the option to utilize web-based tools to create and update additional required data. Embedded master reference data is used to perform data validation and value added compliance services such as denied party screening are available to identify potential risk issues with trading partners.

Forwarder Benefits

Adherence to the rules and regulations of ACAS can help forwarders reduce costs of carrier associated filing services; achieve faster clearances of cargo; reduce data redundancy and rekeying; further automation of communication with air carriers and trading partners; and gain greater visibility and control of shipments in the supply chain.

Carrier Benefits

Adherence to the rules and regulations of ACAS can help carriers achieve faster clearances of cargo; reduce the amount of data entry required; and gain greater visibility into shipment volumes, details of shipments and control of shipments once in the supply chain.