Leading EU Customs Software to Enable Compliance

Many businesses are faced with tackling the often confusing legal and regulatory framework and procedures relating to customs and excise declarations. The existing trend towards Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery and maintaining low inventories has also imposed additional time constraints on shipments. Complying with regulatory procedures, while meeting competing business needs and timelines has made accurate declarations a serious challenge. The Descartes EU Customs™ solution enables a more efficient and cost-saving customs clearance in the various countries in Europe. 

Our EU Customs Software has a modular structure which allows you to activate additional modules over time. Functionality includes:

  • Declaration Management: Import, export, transit (NCTS) and excise declarations (EMCS), ECS notifi cations, combined declaration (e.g., turn export into transit) and fallback procedure handling
  • Customs Warehouse Management (CWM): Supports procedures like bonded warehouse, including periodic declarations e.g. GPA (NL)
  • Fiscal Representation: In combination with declarations or CWM
  • Remote Partner: Communication of declaration data to business partners (e.g. port systems, customers), in different data formats, via the Descartes Global Logistics Network (Descartes GLN)™
  • Document Management: In addition to regulatory Customs documents, additional regulatory and logistics documents can be created, e.g., certificate of origin and ATR.
  • Order & Shipment Management: Allows orders and shipments to populate declarations


  • Dashboard Overview – Organizations can track, trace and monitor declaration processes in each country through a single customizable view. A full audit trail and history of the declaration is kept.
  • Information Validation - Validate data elements to ensure accuracy and flag missing or inaccurate information to minimize potential failures. This feature can be configured to meet in-house validation processes, as well as those of each country
  • Descartes GLN Integration – the integration of the Descartes EU Customs solution with the Descartes GLN allows you to send or receive data seamlessly to or from your back-office system, the Customs Authorities and business partners such as customers, ports or terminals.
  • Reporting – Descartes EU Customs solution provides several standard reports, as well as the possibility to extract a full data set, and is compatible for use with a separate reporting solution called Descartes RPS™ (Reporting Services) enabling the creation of your own declaration reports.
  • Electronic Archiving – All messages processed through the Descartes GLN can be automatically archived for audit and legal purposes based on the retention periods set per country and/or region.
  • Master Data – This supporting tool allows users to set goods or address information or other data elements for automatic population across various declaration documents. Tariff information and exchange rates can be updated automatically.
  • Templates – Customers can set defaults within the Descartes EU Customs solution to generate templates for filling out declarations. These can then be used to create declarations manually or to enrich declarations that have been created from your system.
  • Rapid Deployment & Reduced Cost – Our modular solutions can be deployed quickly to enable rapid returns on investment using a proven phased approach supported by value-based metrics and validation.


  • Reduced Complexity – A single solution to address multiple customer needs from multiple countries. As an on-demand service, there is no need for infrastructure investment or replacement.
  • Improved Compliance – The Descartes EU Customs solution helps you to ensure instant and ongoing compliance of declaration documents regardless of the destination within the covered EU member states.
  • Improved Efficiency – Integration with core business systems enables operations to pull information from disparate systems, develop repeatable processes, and connect to multiple partners.
  • Increased Flexibility – Users can have anytime, anywhere access through a secure and fast interface. The Descartes EU Customs solution automatically converts data to meet the data requirements of each EU member state’s customs authority.
  • One Interface for Multiple Tasks – Every module within the Descartes EU Customs solution uses the same interface for single and/or multiple countries. Users can print documents in the language of each customs authority, perform multi-level checks and access archived declarations. With the SMF protocol, Descartes offers you a single interface for multiple procedures and EU member states.

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