Advanced Commercial Information Solution for U.S. and Canada CSA and Security Filings

Descartes Highway Customs™ solution streamlines business processes and interaction between highway carriers and government agencies. This collaborative solution automates customs security filings for Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as well as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It helps organizations make more effective use of internal resources, improves document accuracy for delivery to the appropriate authorities, and manages the final release of goods by customs.

Real-time Visibility

Carriers can gain real-time visibility into shipment status and deliver/receive data electronically to reduce the need for manual entry. Users can opt for full or partial management, depending on their own infrastructure and needs.


Carriers can access and share information with appropriate partners, enhance visibility and speed filing and approval processes.

Descartes Highway Customs Solution Features

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) for Southbound Shipments Entering the U.S.:

  • Connecting carriers to U.S. CBP – provides increased visibility and control over secure e-manifest filings (including pre-arrival processing system, pre-filed in-bonds, low-value shipments and more) via the Web interface or back-office electronic integration.
  • Enhanced track and trace capabilities – provides a detailed trace of shipments and trip history via the user portal, along with diverse search and sort options for shipment tracking and report generation. Driver notifications/e-mail alerts to individuals or multiple participants provide the most up-to-date information.
  • Customs documentation management – facilitates the delivery and receipt of imaged documents, shipment reports, security filings, customs releases, bills of lading and invoices. It also enables the delivery of driver documentation for customs clearance, including ACE e-manifest cover pages, inward cargo manifests and CBP 7512 in-bond forms; and facilitates the sharing of delivery status and broker acceptance information.
  • Simplified messaging format – the portal enables one single data set for all filings [ACE, CSA, and Advance Commercial Information (ACI) Highway] to facilitate multiple users and simplify integration for carriers. A unified XML schema supports requirements on both sides of the border, and is forward compatible with new customs regulations, including the ACI Highway Program for entering Canada.

ACI for Northbound Shipments Entering Canada:

Descartes also enables carriers to meet the requirements for inbound manifest and export cargo and conveyance information to the CBSA’s Advance Commercial Information (ACI) system for ocean, air and highway shipments. Features include:

  • Connecting carriers to Canada’s CBSA – provides increased visibility and control over secure e-manifest filings either through the Web interface or via back-office electronic integration.
  • Enhanced track and trace – these capabilities include the above (ACE) features automated processes include detailed trace of shipment and trip history; diverse search and sort options; driver notifications and e-mail alerts.
  • Manage customs documentation – uses knowledge-based engine technology to automate the broker selection process based on history, confidence levels and specified variables, as well as harmonizes parties when entered into the system from eManifest. Maintains imaged documents alongside associated shipment reports, while clearance is streamlined through the electronic routing of bills of lading and commercial invoices. Organizations can track document delivery status and broker acceptance/rejections; and generate, print and fax barcoded driver documentation for customs clearance.
  • Simplified messaging format – enables one single data set for all filings (ACE, CSA, ACI Highway) to facilitate multiple users and simplify integration.