Advanced Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Inventory Visibility for Forwarders

Descartes OneView™ Warehouse Management System (Descartes OneView™ WMS) is a proven 3PL software solution that allows users to effectively coordinate warehousing operations from a robust, intuitive platform. This advanced solution can serve as a stand-alone product or can be launched as an optional add-on from the Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise solution.

One of the most powerful features of the Descartes OneView WMS is its powerful integration engine. With the ability to seamlessly connect to disparate applications, users can easily add-on warehousing technology to enhance existing processes and drive-up revenue. Descartes OneView WMS solution helps businesses jumpstart implementation, achieve a higher level of supply chain management, improve productivity and provide a world-class level of customer service.

Data management figures centrally into Descartes OneView WMS with an intuitive tiered approach to warehouse receipts. A visual matrix of information clearly defines the stage of the receipt at-a-glance including pre-receipt, receiving and ship-out capabilities. Users can also visually gauge the status of order fulfillment, view available purchase order quantities, open allocations and more.

Potential Benefits 

  • Enjoy faster cycle-times and noticeable improvements in customer service by dynamically tracking inventory and viewing real-time data
  • Manage warehouse location details down to the row, rack and slot
  • Improve data accuracy with a full suite of validation checks
  • Reduce time spent performing data entry with advanced integrative capabilities
  • Add-on purchase order management to achieve a higher level of fulfillment capabilities
  • Effectively coordinate air and ocean import/export shipments with multi-divisional accounting


  • Compare open-allocation quantities to fulfill orders by the purchase order number or stock keeping unit (SKU)
  • Handle all receiving, stocking, ship requests and load operations from any local or remote location 
  • Easily build load-plans for international and domestic shipments
  • Planned flight, vessel and consolidation scheduling are shared with complete flexibility of allocating on-hand freight to a container
  • Manually key-in or import inbound cargo information including disbursements, Overages, Shortages or Damages (O, S & Ds), purchase orders, commercial invoice details, SKU numbers, cargo pick-up information and hazardous material notations
  • A secure, web-based, customer-facing portal allows users to easily track shipments and receipts in the cloud