Descartes OzLink™ extends your investment in NetSuite with seamless, real-time information sharing between NetSuite and one or more end-points. The solution features a wide range of optional flexible extensions to adapt to operational requirements.

By further expanding the solution with services such as fleet management for optimized route planning; integrated mobility for planning, dispatch and delivery processes; and advanced telematics, businesses improve driver productivity and better understand vehicle performance, achieve added operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service and derive a potential competitive advantage.

Our solution helps businesses succeed in international logistics, expand globally and streamline international trade. In addition, Descartes OzLink for Netsuite powers warehouse automation, helping companies scale for growth without adding warehouse staff. With a firm foundation to streamline logistics and transportation, Descartes OzLink for Netsuite helps to improve customer service and lower fleet and transportation costs.

International Logistics: Expand Globally and Streamline International Trade

How can I quickly assess suppliers and potential sources of products or components?

Powered by the world’s largest repository of import and export trade data, Descartes can help to develop lists of qualified suppliers, track competitors’ supply chains, and proactively monitor sourcing opportunities.

Is there a way to achieve real-time visibility to goods at the container level across modes?

Descartes offers real-time inbound container visibility for NetSuite. Our network is connected to over 300,000 carriers and parties including all major ocean and air carriers, as well as full truck and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers.

How can I ensure I am complaint with import requirements and decrease duty spend?

With complex and changing customs compliance regulations, Descartes solutions help businesses classify commodities, electronically connect to government agencies, and automate the import and export process.

Can I increase export trade compliance and avoid penalties for restricted shipments to barred countries or parties?

Descartes integrates denied party screening into the NetSuite workflow automatically. Our comprehensive database of international restricted and denied party lists helps reduce risk and minimize potential fines.

Warehouse Automation: Scale for Growth without Adding Warehouse Staff

How can I use bar code scanning to maximize productivity, and reduce errors?

Descartes warehouse automation provides intuitive barcode scan-based receiving, inventory moves, picking, packing and more—all from industry-leading ruggedized mobile devices and smartphones.

Is there a way to improve retail compliance, avoid chargebacks, and reduce clerical work?

By automating retail compliance for suppliers of the largest chains, Descartes helps streamline Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN), print compliant UCC 128 labels, reduce errors and minimize chargebacks.

Can I improve dock scheduling to lower labor costs and carrier detention charges?

Improve truck loading and unloading with dock door scheduling & yard management, create better visibility to pickup and delivery schedules, lower warehouse labor and minimize carrier detention charges.

How do I know I am using the right carrier and securing the best rates for parcel and LTL shipments?

Descartes provides small package, LTL rating & shipping, including the ability to automate business rules, rate shop across carriers and LTL, print labels, generate BOLs, and more.

Transportation: Improve Customer Service and Lower Fleet and Transportation Costs

How can I better leverage my fleet and lower costs?

Descartes Route Planning & Mobile POD reduces fleet costs by up to $10,000 annually per truck, eliminates paper delivery, minimizes invoice paperwork, and decreases incorrect delivery credits.

Are there ways to provide proactive visibility to my customers to increase revenue?

Offer proactive customer service with Carrier GPS Tracking. Our solution delivers predictive Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and ensures that customers get the visibility they demand to plan receiving and downstream operations.

How do I avoid paying incorrect freight bills without complex and time-consuming audit processes?

Receive carrier invoices electronically for Freight Audit & Payment across TL, LTL, and parcel carriers. Simplify operations with automated processes and save 3-5% on freight bills.

Can I optimize third-party freight shipments to reduce costs?

Lower third-party carrier costs by 5-12% with Freight Optimization & Execution. Take advantage of carrier contracts, consolidation opportunities, automated tendering, and streamlined connectivity to the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™).