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The Electronic Airway Bill for Carriers, Forwarders & Ground Handling Agents (GHAs)

This resource center includes information regarding the Electronic Airway Bill (eAWB). We encourage you to bookmark this page and to check back often for updated information.

What is the eAWB?

The eAWB is essentially a contract of carriage between shippers (importers and exporters) and air carriers. It eliminates the need to process and manage paper to simplify data processing to speed the movement of air cargo.

Why was the eAWB Created?

The electronic airway bill was created to:

Minimize Paperwork
The eAWB can help to virtually eliminate paper from the air cargo supply chain

Enable Better Communication
Digital information can help to optimize data sharing between carriers, forwarders, shippers and other trading partners
Reduce Labor
Digitization and electronic communication can result in less overhead with lighter manual and operational processes

Improve Accuracy
Data timeliness and completeness is improved when error-prone manual process are reduced or eliminated

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Resources for Forwarders

Review an interactive guide on the eAWB developed freight forwarders
Benefits of the eAWB for Forwarders
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The eAWB & Countering Tight Margins in Air Cargo

Resources for Carriers

Review and easy-to-read eBook on the eAWB developed for air carriers

Benefits of the eAWB for Carriers

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