Move to the eAWB for Added Compliance with eAWB Carrier Programs & for Better Air Cargo Tracking

Forwarders face increasing pressure to operate efficiently and move goods as quickly as possible at the lowest rate. In an industry with tight margins and customers who expect cargo tracking, it is essential that forwarders use methods to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and take a key step toward digitization.

One of the leading trends in the air cargo industry is the shift toward more electronic processes including the adoption of the electronic air waybill (eAWB). The transition to the eAWB can help forwarders upgrade their business and rise above industry and operational challenges.

In addition, due to rapidly evolving security filing and other electronic information requirements from governments around the world, more and more carriers are requiring electronic air waybills. Many airlines are offsetting this cost by charging forwarders additional documentation fees. Fluctuating rates and increasing competition are also prompting forwarders to move to more electronic methods, such as the eAWB, to reduce costs and maximize performance.

The eAWB can free resources to enable better connectivity and air waybill cargo tracking
The eAWB can reduce manual processes to free resources to grow business. Ask us how we can help.

Forwarders who adopt the eAWB can derive a rapid time to benefit and are able to:

• Avoid carrier fees by transmitting electronic master and house air waybills
• Eliminate redundant data entry
• Lower manual tasks
• Reduce delays due to missing or illegible documents
• Increase access to information and move shipments as booked
• Eliminate the need to transport documents to and from airlines, Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) and agents
• Increase IT security and maintain an audit trail
• Better communicate with intermediaries and GHAs
• Reduce cargo processing times with prioritized handling of eAWB-enabled shipments
• Decrease direct and indirect costs from cargo security filing requirements by reusing the electronic data
• Re-purpose the information to speed billing

Why Descartes for the eAWB?

With over two decades of experience helping forwarders communicate electronically with air carriers, Descartes is the global leader in electronic system-to-system messaging for air cargo. Our solution seamlessly connects to nearly every air carrier and can integrate with any back-office system or serve as a stand-alone application.

Forwarders can quickly and easily enter data with Descartes’ solution, and can on-board quickly in a few simple steps. Our proven track record, expert technical support and industry experience has enabled Descartes to rapidly roll out the eAWB to forwarders worldwide. Using the Descartes eAWB solution, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) can not only transmit digital air waybill details to carriers but can optionally use the information for better customer visibility and air cargo tracking.

With the Descartes eAWB solution, forwarders can:

• Save money with more speeded processes and less paper
• Easily create air waybills and reduce manual processes
• Receive real-time status updates enabling forwarders to improve customer service
• Increase data quality and better manage recordkeeping requirements
• Leverage data to comply with rapidly evolving cargo security regulations around the world