The electronic airway bill is a global initiative designed to help air carriers, freight forwarders and Ground Handling Agents (GHSAs) get more done in less time. Using the electronic airway bill, logistics oriented businesses can better communicate and connect.

With paper airway bills and other documents eliminated from the air cargo supply chain, businesses can increase overall efficiency and realize added benefits using the right technology. With global security filing regulations on the rise for both carriers and processes. Our diverse solutions include an advanced online interface, simple preparation and bulk options, comprehensive air messaging and enterprise platform and much more. Leading businesses are using the electronic airway bill is a spring board to achieve better results and to reach a higher level of compliance. Businesses also require flexible choices within the same system or framework. They need a partner that can develop solutions that can grow and adapt with them as needs change.

For over 20 years Descartes has been helping the air cargo industry transition to electronic heights and help keep air cargo secure through technology. Descartes is leading the way in the eAWB and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions. 

Descartes eAWB solutions

Descartes eAWB™ for Forwarders – Descartes helps forwarders seamlessly connect to nearly every air carrier and can integrate with any back office system or serve as a stand-alone application.

Descartes eAWB™ for Carriers– With a proven track record, expert technical support and industry experience, Descartes has enabled rapid roll out the eAWB to carriers worldwide.

Descartes Messaging Services™- Our solution is interoperable, supporting multiple communication protocols as well as industry-standard messages in Cargo-IMP or Cargo-XML formats or proprietary flat files to ensure that our customers can work with multiple communications and messaging protocols.

Descartes CargoBooker™- As an intuitive air freight electronic booking service aimed at small- and medium-sized air freight forwarders, our advanced solution enables forwarders to access air cargo carrier information to secure electronic bookings via a simple web-based portal.

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