As a manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and charging management software, EVBox relies on Descartes Visual Compliance™ to screen individuals and businesses against denied party lists directly in Salesforce to comply with international export regulations.

Challenge: Automation needed for Dramatic Growth

EVBox was working with a general screening tool, however many manual processes were still in place. The typical working methodology failed to adequately cater to the dynamic compliance environment, resulting in its inevitable obsolescence. Due to the rapid growth of the company and rising shipment volumes worldwide, EVBox was in need of an easy-to-use automated screening solution that could be integrated into the existing sales platform, Salesforce.

“Automation is an important part of our business processes and it takes effort from both sides. Descartes has proved to be a good service partner that we can count on. We even had live problem solving sessions with the Descartes development team to help us customize the solution, such as setting our trigger points.”

- Yigitcan Uçar, Senior Trade Compliance Specialist

Solution: Automated Screening Integrated with Salesforce and SAP

With customers worldwide, having a solid compliance program is a necessity for EVBox. As part of its compliance strategy, EVBox turned to Descartes Visual Compliance to automate its denied party screening processes.

It was mission critical to find a screening solution that could be seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce CRM platform, which had already been implemented throughout the entire company. Yigitcan Uçar, Senior Trade Compliance Specialist at EVBox states, “We wanted a smart solution that would not interrupt our current sales processes, which is exactly what Visual Compliance did. Because the screening is automated within Salesforce, we can keep our sales cycle short.”

Descartes Visual Compliance offers an up-to-date global database of hundreds of watch lists and provides a full range of due diligence capabilities including automatically screening of every contact and account at the moment of record creation in Salesforce. Recording compliance activities for strengthened operational management also provides a supportive data trail in the event of an audit. Uçar expands, “To be 100% sure we are compliant, we also have implemented Descartes Dynamic Screening which automatically rescreens the existing accounts and contacts on a daily basis so that we don’t miss anything as sanctions lists are updated regularly. If a shipment is flagged, results are sent to our customer service department which reviews potential positive matches and takes appropriate action.”

Having the solution as part of its compliance program allows EVBox to easily demonstrate effective compliance to regulatory authorities. Yigitcan Uçar explains, “Since we are shipping worldwide and embargos or sanctions change on a daily basis, it is important to have an extensive automated compliance program to demonstrate that we take the necessary actions to support the screening due diligence required by different international regulatory authorities. Descartes Visual Compliance is an effective and necessary tool in this process within the company.”

The Results

Scalable Solution

An increasing number of sales means more partners and organizations that need to be screened. Having an integrated, scalable solution, makes growth possible without putting extra pressure on constrained resources.

Cost Savings

Descartes Visual Compliance solutions have helped EVBox save money by cutting down employee time spent on screening. Dynamic screening also reduced the need to repeat previously completed processes, which has helped to increase productivity.

Seamless Integration Options

The Descartes solutions, were easily adopted to fit the company’s existing workflows and seamlessly plugged into EVBox’s ERP and Salesforce CRM platform.

Elevated Compliance

Using advanced automated technology to screen every business counterpart, EVBox generates accurate and easy to interpret results.

Success Story


Learn more about how EVBox upgraded their compliance using Descartes Visual Compliance.

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Solution Highlight

Denied Party Screening

Improve Screening Efficiency and Effectiveness with a Comprehensive Source of Government Watch Lists.

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